Roor?? Ice catcher??

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Mounty_Ninja, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. Mounty_Ninja Mounty_Ninja

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    what is a roor? is it a kind of bong?? whats an ice catcher? if u dont wanna explain maybe just put up a pic.
  2. slothy slothy

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    Roor is a company which makes bongs, and is commonly viewed as the best bongs in the world (100% glass and very strong/well built). An ice catch is a notch in the tube of the bong, which allows icecubes to sit above the water, making the smoke cooler and smoother.
  3. Mounty_Ninja Mounty_Ninja

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    oh ok thanks
  4. richpull10 richpull10

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    Roor are decent bongs, sturdy thick and strong, they get the job done but they sure do not look pretty. If you go to a good head shop they will have hand blown glass bongs that are much better looking then basic those basic Pyrex tubes. What makes hand blown glass better is that handmade is usually created to serve an asthetic purpose.
    I saw a great bong that was 18 inches tall and had a large decorated base of 2 hobbits running down a hill with Gollum off on the edge of the hill smoking a pipe, the whole thing was done in relief. (Meaning 3d) That was the most awe inspiring piece of glass i had ever seen. With the beauty comes price, handmade pieces are typically 2x the price and up of a general brand name bong. I believe the Lord of the Rings bong that i described was $350. You could easily put it on display as a flower vase in your house and wow people with the beauty, then screw on the stem take the flowers out and really show them.
  5. FadedToBlack FadedToBlack

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    You can also put ice cubes in the water chamber (along with the water) for a cooler smoke. :cool:
  6. ManMulcahey ManMulcahey

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    Roor the best Brand what about kiosk? My buddy has an amazing swirled blue kiosk bong.
  7. Darwinslife Darwinslife

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    That I did know, but what about Ice Catcher?

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer.....but how much ice do you put in a ice catcher. I think it is a personal preference, I put more water than most people put in their bongs(not enough so you get a splash of bong water when your taking a big hit). I didn't even know what those three indentations in the glass on my bong were until the other day. I actually was thinking "I wonder why they have those, it would be so much easier to clean if they weren't there."
  8. SkylineGT-R SkylineGT-R

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