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Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by grillmeats, Aug 10, 2005.


Complete This Poll When You Get Your Results, No Second Chances!

I'm a male 139 vote(s) 42.4%
I'm a female 41 vote(s) 12.5%
I'm between the age of 18-30 124 vote(s) 37.8%
I'm between the age of 31-50 40 vote(s) 12.2%
I'm 50-years-old and up 6 vote(s) 1.8%
I followed GrillMeat's suggestions 55 vote(s) 16.8%
I last smoked between 1-14 hours 40 vote(s) 12.2%
I last smoked between 15-40 hours 45 vote(s) 13.7%
I last smoked between 42-72 hours 68 vote(s) 20.7%
I used Altoid mints 59 vote(s) 18.0%
I used no mints 69 vote(s) 21.0%
My test was sent to Quest Diagnostics 57 vote(s) 17.4%
My test was sent to Lab One 15 vote(s) 4.6%
I brushed and gargled the day of the test 122 vote(s) 37.2%
I passed my saliva test 195 vote(s) 59.5%
I failed my saliva test 15 vote(s) 4.6%
I Did Not Take My Test Yet: Added /11/10/06 44 vote(s) 13.4%
I Have Been Tested, and Have Received Results: Added /11/10/06 71 vote(s) 21.6%
I Used Spit & Kleen: Added 11/25/06 9 vote(s) 2.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.

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    I passed! WHEW that was a stressful week.
  2. gratefulant gratefulant

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    Just took swab test today 36 to 40 hours clean.That morning I brushed my gums and rinsed with peroxide.When I got there I rinsed with peroxide again right before test.Fingers crossed and toes too:help:!Will post results.
  3. gratefulant gratefulant

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    Just took swab test today 36 to 40 hours clean.That morning I brushed my gums and rinsed with peroxide.When I got there I rinsed with peroxide again right before test.Fingers crossed and toes tooWill post results.
  4. Lenny2 Lenny2

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    To me it really sounds like any company that is using saliva for pre employment screening really isn't trying hard. Sounds like they may have been using urine screening and probably half of the applicants failed. So they switched to saliva just to say "they screened". And that is fine. I'm just saying as I've been through a few pre employments and all I'm seeing is the hair test starting to pop up more. Pee tests are more common but never a saliva. Hopefully saliva tests will be the standard as you only need a few days clean if that. But hair tests are getting much cheaper and those are nearly impossible to "beat" for chronic users.
  5. WhiskeyHandsKush WhiskeyHandsKush

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    I took my pre-employment test about a week ago on the 13th at 5pm on the spot at my job interview. It was a swab oral eze test from Quest Diagnostics lab in KS. I smoked about 2 days before the test and I smoke ALOT. I had also ate some bangin blueberry hash oil muffins I made then ate about little less than 2 days before the test.

    Like I said I took my test a week ago and still haven't heard anything . I live in Florida and know the results have to be sent to the lab in Kansas via FedEx and there was no mail delivery Monday . Do you guys think I'm good since it has been a week now and haven't got the bad call? Or should I continue to shit my pants?

    Let me know,
    One Love.
  6. Penny123 Penny123

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    HIGHHH! This forum has greatly helped ease my anxiety as I await my results. Here is my story and I will also report my results as soon as I have an idea (I was told they know within 72 hours).

    Took Quest Diagnostics’ Oral-Eze test after abstaining for over 100 hours. Pretty much followed all of GM's advice (thank you Grillmeats). I'd consider myself a midnight toker (been for years) but have been on the increase while looking for a new job. I hope the 100 hours sober will be enough.

    I have great oral hygiene but stepped it up dramatically over the course of the 4 days and added peroxide rinses as well. I also did a through brush, rinsed with Listerine and loaded my mouth with the dissolvable Listerine strips (placed them on tongue and inside of cheeks) prior to walking in.

    Good luck to all.
  7. Penny123 Penny123

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    I was told "no news is good news"
  8. Penny123 Penny123

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    I must have passed - showed up today as planned and everything went well! PS-I was never told about about a pass/fail so I hope that helps. Most likely if you failed you'd hear within 72 business hours.
  9. Hunter333 Hunter333

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    just took my test today
    at publix grocery store
    management position (worked there a long time, moved my way up)
    10 days clean
    been brushing 4-6 times a day hard, been peroxiding 3-4 times a day, been mouthwashing 2-3 times a day, been drinking water like insane, went to the headshop and bought some detox pills the guy recommended (although from reading the instructions it sure seemed more for urine tests), and put the test between teeth, had to feed it some saliva though because you have to wait until its filled with spit before the boss let me take it out
    didnt touch gums at all, but touched cheek some
    i am sweating balls about losing my long term job please tell me you think i'll be ok
    quest diagnostics oral eeze thing

    i will know on friday or monday it was already express fedex shipped
    i am tripping HARD some reassurance would be nice
    i read this whole thread too fyi
    also put listerine strips in all day but was a good 90 minute gap before the test....
  10. Hunter333 Hunter333

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    passed....i am beyond happy, huge pay raise here
  11. yomomma5150 yomomma5150

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    First, i have to point out that Quest Diagnostics and LabOne are the same company!!! Quest acquired LabOne in 2006, i know because i worked there at the time Quest was taking over.

    so today i go in for orientation at company X fully expecting a urine test, and prepared with synthetic. I keep waiting all day for them to say ok now you have to pee.... and then it turns out to be Saliva. So i am shitting a brick. The last i really smoked was early Sunday, luckily my guy ran out. Last night i went through all my spent stuff ( i use a vaporizer), (when i run out i go back through the waste and crank up the temp and try to get a little more out of it) and it didnt really do much so for this one time im hoping the THC was already totally leached out of it, which means the last tiny amount of real green was Sunday, which gives me 36-48 hrs without, which fingers crossed will be enough, ive seen such a wide range of quoted times that it can be detected. I should have prepared for saliva too but i did nothing special except i was drinking a bunch of water literally right up until a minute before the swab went in, and on the swab instructions it says to wait 10 mins after drinking so im hoping that is a point in my favor as well. I will take the poll once i find out : (
  12. Bigsweat420 Bigsweat420

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  13. John Connor John Connor

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    210 lbs

    Been a member for a while but haven't posted mush before... Since this site has helped me pass multiple urine test, a hair test, and now a saliva test I figured it was time to return the favor.

    I'm a daily smoker of some regular to mid-grade herb for the past 15 years.
    I smoke just about every day, usually only after work or on the weekends.. I knew I had a saliva test coming up soon for a new job offer. I read through all these post and it really helped calm my nerves a little, even though I wasn't too worried about the results since I already have a job and if I failed then it wouldn't be the end of the world.

    what I did:
    first off I read through all the post on here and saw that most people say thc only says in your saliva for about 72 hours max. I abstained from the good herb for 3 days, which really wasn't too bad... I knew when the test was going to be administered to me 4 days in advance so that really helped out a lot. I also did some of the 'grillmeats' stuff as well.

    I was told on a Friday that I needed to set up a time for a third and final interview some time early the next week. I set it up for the following Tues. in the afternoon figuring that would give me plenty of time. I ended up smoking a little herb on sat as well, but that was it.. no more till after the test!
    I did gargle with peroxide a few times on Saturday and Sunday but that shit sucked so I said fuck it... I brushed like I always do, once in the morning and once at night... I definitely didn't go to town with the toothbrush on my gums, I heard all these other people brushing till there gums were bleeding and that didn't sound too appealing to me, I think I would have rather failed the test than pull a bloody swab out of my mouth..

    On Monday afternoon I stopped by the gas station and bought some altoids... Once again i didn't really get carried away with the altoids either, I had a few Monday and on Tuesday I probably had a dozen or so throughout the day... So on Tuesday I made sure to brush my teeth right before I headed out to the final interview, I was thinking about gargling with peroxide again but I couldn't bring myself to do it.... I thought I would go to that final interview looking like a rabid dog or some shit... On the way to the interview I smoked probably 3 menthol cigs and let 4 altoids, two on each side, just sit and dissolve between my teeth and cheek... the interview probably took 30 to 45 min. and afterwards I was immediately greeted with a oral eze saliva test... It's the test with the blue indicator dot and it is sent to a quest diagnostics lab in Florida...

    I was told that the results should be in by the end of the week and they would get in touch with me.... Well I waited till the end of the week and still no call.... Uh Oh... So I waited another week and still no call... I really figured I had failed the test after 7 days and no word from anybody... well after 2 1/2 weeks I get a call from the company, I didn't answer it because I really thought I had failed the test and I really didn't want somebody calling me and telling me I failed a drug [sic] test.. I listened to the voice mail and the guy said he just got everything back and he wanted to make me an official offer and set up my start date!

    So I abstained for about 72 hours on the dot, brushed my teeth as always, and ate some altoids on the way to the interview.. I don't know but I'm pretty sure just basic oral hygiene and 72 hours smoke free and you should be good to go...

    thanks to everybody on here for providing such useful information and helping calm nerves... only a few more years to go till she legal nation wide!

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