Sativa vs. Indica

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  1. j20 j20

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    What is the main difference between Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica?
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    The type of high produced, that's what the difference will be for the smoker.

    On a more scientific level, I believe Indica is a sub-specie.

    Wikipedia shows the family tree as...
    Cannabis sativa L.
    C. sativa subsp. sativa
    C. sativa subsp. sativa var. sativa
    C. sativa subsp. sativa var. spontanea
    C. sativa subsp. indica
    C.sativa subsp. indica. var. indica
    C.sativa subsp. indica. var. kafirstancia
    (to make this a bit easier, remember "C." stands for Cannabis, "Subsp." means Subspecie and "var." means Variant.)

    ... and that would mean that Cannabis Sativa would be the herb itself, where Cannabis Indica would be an extremely close relative, which can be interbred with Cannabis Sativa to produce breeding offspring (Unlike when a Horse and Donkey breed - which produces nonbreeding offspring).
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    From the Pot Snob -
    Regarding the differences between indica and sativa... Just to show you how complicated the simplest, most “rudimentary” question can be when it comes to cannabis, smoke on this: The scientific community still hasn’t reached a consensus on the question of whether indica and sativa represent two distinct species (under the shared genus cannabis) or whether they represent subsets of the same species.

    Regardless of whether two different species evolved from the same genus or whether one species split along geographic lines, by the time mankind came around to get high, the plant had divided into two easily distinguishable lines, with sativas growing wild in almost all equatorial regions of the globe (Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, Jamaica, etc.) and indicas thriving in southern Asia and the Indian subcontinent (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tibet, Nepal, etc.). In each case, the plants were eventually discovered, recognized, cultivated and bred for specific uses—sativas for straight smoking and indicas for making hashish and kif. These practices continued for thousands of years, without the two lines ever crossing paths, until a combination of far-wandering hippies, the Grateful Dead and the US War on Drugs brought them together for the first time.

    And for the comprehensive, albeit, 'Readers Digest' version -

    Cannabis Indica or Sativa - Can you spot the difference ? - 01 2002 - freddiefreak
  4. KMKbuzz4-2-0 KMKbuzz4-2-0

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    Differences in the high is the difference I notice. Most mids and commercial bud is hybrid, but if you have a reliable hookup or are in with some growers you'll notice(in my experiences at least) that a mainly sativa plant gives more of a clear, cerebral high while the mainly indica plants give the more couchlock stoned feeling. Some people will argue this but I don't really care. I bought seeds(a few different strains) of sativa dominant and indica dominant, grew them in the same grow-cab and could definetely tell the difference in the highs. Although if I smoked enough sativa it would end up with a stoney effect as well. Just my experiences but it was good and I learned I prefer a mainly sativa but indica is good after a long days work.
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  5. bytemee495 bytemee495

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    ^^ Yea. I agree w/ KMK. That's how I understand them to be different. my understanding from the grow guide...The sativa is thrives better outdoors, whereas the indica can be grown just as well indorrs as outdoors. I've also heard (but don't know for sure) that the sativas usually grow taller, and more spread out, while the indicas grow shorter, and fatter (in size, not necissarily bud). But like I said. I totally agree w/ KMK on the differance in the type of high you feel from each!

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  6. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Sativas will grow just fine indoors - if you have a 20-foot ceiling in your grow room! :laugh:

    The Indica phenotype is a short, dense plant. The Sativa phenotype is a lot taller with much less dense foliage and longer branches. Sativa leaves are long and thin. Indica leaves are shorter and broader.

    Breeders have done amazing things with these two basic varieties. One that I know of, AK-47, looks and grows just like an Indica but has such an excellent Sativa high that it won "Best Sativa" at the Cannabis Cup one year.
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  7. Dorsen Dorsen

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    Sativa give an uppity "cerebral" high. Indica give you a mellow body buzz. I prefer Sativas when I'm with my buds, and indica for wqke n bakes and before bed.
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  8. chadwick chadwick

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    sativas give you a more "head high" while indicas give you a nice clear headed slow not to active high, i prefer the indica,

    also sativas grow taller and produce smaller longer buds, while indicas grow low and bushy with very compact large buds, also indicas have a larger fatter leaves, as sativas have very skinny leaves

    there is also another sub group of cannabis, ruderalis, it is inferior in almost every way to sativa or indica, its one redeeming value is that when breed with the other sub groups it makes them auto flowering while most other traits are forced out that one trait usualy stays
  9. Abbazabba1212 Abbazabba1212

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    which one is more common on the street, indo or Sativa?
  10. chadwick chadwick

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    it depends on the area were you live, in areas where it is easy to grow outdoors then more sativa will be found as it is alot easier to grow outdoors than indoors, and areas that are hard to grow outdoors it will be grown indoors meaning indica the easier to grow indoors, indica will be more common
  11. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Most commercial weed these days is a hybrid. Sativas grow best in tropical climates and are difficult to grow indoors because the plants get very tall. For economic reasons, most growers prefer Indicas and hybrids with Indica growing characteristics because they're easier to grow and produce more weight of bud per plant.
  12. 4minesota2homegrown0 4minesota2homegrown0

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    People have to stop calling beasters whitecaps and such. Stop tellin me ur decent weed is kush i'm tired of being disapointed when i stop to look at some weed. But ne wayz, sativa makes me want to do the dishes and indica makes me wana play madden. peace out
  13. clarkNdadark333 clarkNdadark333

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    sativa vs indica

    can someone please explain exactly what the differences are between these 2 types of weed and how I can determine which is what if i have some in front of me? color diff, smell, texture??

    last night I had some shit that made me feel so nice and loose and numb physically but not too much mentally. I want some shit next time thatll more psychological but i dont know any types of weed by name that is of that kind.

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  14. LonerStoner LonerStoner

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  15. jettyblaze jettyblaze

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    Yeah well you seem to get the difference. But just for good measure, Sativa is more of a cerebral, uplifting, psychological high. Smoking Sativa bud may make you spacey, or energetic, or might have more of that "mind expanding" effect than smoking Indica would.

    Toking on Indica will give you more of a body high, making you feel relaxed, warm, tired, mellow, or like you body is melting into the furniture and making it hard for you to move (couchlock).

    They're both great in their own ways, and smoking a mixture of the two can make for an amazing high. Although they're are no physical differences to help identify one from another, if you see the actual plant, an Indica plant would be shorter, broader, and thicker, while a Sativa would be taller and more spindly.

    Some names of great Sativa strains are: NYC Sour Diesel, Kali Mist, AK47, AK48, Haze, Swazi Gold.
  16. Shellshock Shellshock

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    Yeah this guy pretty much summed it up. However, i'd point out that most prefer a Sativa for the morning hours because they are, like said, uplifting and in most cases will produce a less intense burnout then their Indica counterparts.
  17. wobbel wobbel

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