Shelf life of pot

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Fab4Fan6, Jul 7, 2001.

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    Hey, guys...I'm sure someone can help me out, here. I was just wondering how long pot can be stored before it starts losing it's potency? The reason I ask is that I purchased a baggie of chronic about 3 weeks ago, and due to employment reasons, have been unable to smoke it (I gave in one night about 10 days ago, but other than that I've been dry). Well, it's been sealed in the freezer, pretty much untouched, for almost 3 weeks, so I'm wondering if it's even worth smoking anymore? Also, does putting in the freezer REALLY preserve it, or is that just an old wives tale?
    I'm thinkin' maybe I should just give it to my friends and watch them get least I'd know SOMEONE'S enjoying it, and would probably have just as much fun watching them get baked as doing so myself. What do you guys think?! PLEASE help!!!!! Thank you so much
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    Storage is very important. THC degrades into lesser forms of cannibinoids, they are still psychoactive but not as much.

    You want to store it in a cool dark place. The freezer is ideal, and can preserve pot for quite a long time. 3 weeks is nothing. You might notice a little decrease in potency if you left it on top of your table for 3 weeks, but it would still get the job done, and nicely at that.

    I have smoked pot that has been out for longer than 6 months, at room temprature in a dark place and still got high. The high didn't last as long as I thought it should have, but I did get high.

    With your smoke in the freezer, you shouldn't notice any difference at all from the day you bought it. So simply put, keep your stuff until you can smoke it, it will still be quite good. :)

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    well listen to this story and decide.

    i put a dime in a piece of paper a while ago in my friends basement to find it later. that was 4 months ago, i totaly forgot about that dime, but we found it! we smoked it, and we still got stoned. so pot keeps for a while.

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    i only smoke dank so i buy it in the medium to bigger-sized bags, and by the end of the bag, you can tell the weed is drier and crisper. the first few times, it still leaves a bit of slime on your fingers and doesn't like to go cherry. it also isn't as easily busted up. by the end of a bag, sometimes a month later than when i opened it, it has dried out and just climbs through the pipe into your lungs and sets up shop. it's crazy. they're both good, but the sticky is a little smoother and a little slower. the dry stuff is a little harsher and a little quicker.
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    Hey I just wanted to let you guys know that freezing is horrible for your buds.
    "Cannabis floral clusters are best stored in a cool, dark place. Refrigeration will retard the breakdown of cannabinoids, but freezing has adverse effects. Freezing forces moisture to the surface from the inside of the floral tissues and this may harm the resins secreted on the surface." from Marijuana Botany - Chapter 4 - Maturation and Harvesting of Cannabis
    Basically it's saying that it destroys the crystals on your buds which is the good stuff. So please for the sake of your weed don't freeze it! LoL. The refrigerator works great though. If you need to hide it any cool dark place will do, back or your closet, whatever.
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    How about just an airtight container in the closet? I usally open it up and air the buds out once or twice a week
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    The enemies of weed potency are heat, light, oxygen, and too much moisture. That means the ideal method for long-term storage is in vacuum-sealed containers under refrigeration, in the dark. I've kept weed that way with no noticeable loss of quality for more than two years.

    Freezing doesn't destroy the THC. In fact, one of the way people make hash involves freezing the weed. The problems with freezing are that it makes the weed brittle, so it powders instead of shreds, and it makes the trichomes more prone to breaking off (which is why it's good for making hash).
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    cool,dry,and out of the way,then you can smoke another day,pretty good huh?shalom
  10. sanfranciscosadhu sanfranciscosadhu

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    Peets coffee sells containers with a special lid that suck the air out of the container. Later when you reopen them you can hear a popping sound. They retail for around 20 dollars.
    And of course: three weeks is nothing unless you put it in direct strong sun light.

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