Should I Try Weed For The First Time?

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    So most of my friends think I smoke weed... I don't. I really just kind of want to try it, all my friends I hang out with smoke weed, my all 3 of my uncles smoke it, my mom, dad, and aunt used to smoke it. I could easily just give my friend 5 bucks for a 20 bag and just go to his house and do it but, I hear it can make you a little stupider if your brain isn't fully developed and I'm only 15 so I'm wondering if it'd make me stupid, I'm a A and B student right now and my dad would kill me if I got a C so, should I try it?
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    What I usually see from people your age is a post about a bad experience due to overdoing it. It's tough to say no when those around you are using and/or pressing you to use it, but you'd be better off waiting until you at least get out of your teens. It won't make you stupid but it can make studying and retaining info much more difficult, become psychologically addictive, and sap your motivation. It's also illegal most places and can be a very expensive habit. Your job in life right now is to take care of business, school wise, so you can get a get a good start in life. mj use can make the track slippery for you, in more than one way, and falling behind isn't worth it. Your relatives are adults and in ten years you most likely won't know where your current friends are or what they're doing. If I were you I'd keep my mind sharp, save my money, and stay out of trouble. It can be tough if you fall down right at the start of your adult life.

    And yes, you've still got about 10 years before your brain is fully developed. And it's the part of your brain tasked with making good decisions as well.
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