Smokeless smoking.

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by Noobtastic, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Noobtastic Noobtastic

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    Sorry if this isn't very relevant but I thought sharing this could help a few people out. I know there are a bunch of us who would like to smoke in our bedrooms/dormitories without getting into trouble with authority figures, the most popular way to do this and have the room not stink is the open window with the fan pointing out of it, I never was very vigilant when it came to smell but after a close call with my mom I recently became more careful. Yesterday I went to CVS to look for an air freshener yesterday because I'm too cheap to buy a fan and found a product called "Renuzit super odor neutralizer" for a little less than 4 dollars. Its in a spray bottle so its silent whenever you spray, aerosol spray cans always make me paranoid because everyone knows what the sound is. After I take a hit I spray the room once and in seconds the smell of weed is incredibly faint (as in you have to be thinking weed to actually pinpoint it), maybe even non-existent if I wasn't sitting next to the bowl that wasn't yet out. The best thing is that since the window was open, there was absolutely no smell of weed or air freshner after another few seconds, like nothing happened. Again I know there are a whole bunch of odor neutralizers, even those that spray automatically, I'm just leaving the word spread out for those who might find it helpful...
  2. HUH?? HUH??

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    pure orange spray works good also u can get it at safeway
  3. Salvataggio Salvataggio

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    Try exhaling into a thick wet towel. (of course folded a few times for extra thickness)
  4. Vicki Vicki

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    I read the title of this thread, and I thought to myself, "smokeless smoking, that's vaporizing!" :)

    I can honestly say that the most stealthy way to toke is to use a vaporizer. There is little, to no smell. My husband has walked in after I finished a vap session, and he didn't even know because he couldn't smell anything.
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  5. jikaboom123 jikaboom123

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    Yeah a vaporizer works wonders, I am going to order one sometime soon! It's basically odorless.
  6. The Blazemaster The Blazemaster

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    Cool man. Ill definately have to check that out!

    I have used Febreeze before and even though it worked, I dont neccessarily like my whole room smelling of Febreeze hours after smoking...
  7. Vicki Vicki

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    I actually don't care for the smell of Febreeze, but I do like the new Glade Air & Room spray. It doesn't leave a pungent smell hours later.
  8. iKumBud iKumBud

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    if you get a tube of some sort and a laundry sheet thing that u put in with your load and put like 2 in the tube and exhale into it it is completley odorless but u still see smoke this does 100% work:eek:
  9. A Stoner A Stoner

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    Buy a smokebuddy. Google it.
  10. nik12937 nik12937

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    Make a lightbulb vape, safe when constructed correctly and vaped weed honestly smells faintly of burnt popcorn. Or there's this spray called Ozium. If there's a smell, pretty much any smell god or bad, it won't exist after you spray that shit...

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