smoking in a car

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  1. noobsaibot noobsaibot

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    alright, i don't see the problem with smoking, but i don't own the house in live in and im pretty sure my mother wouldn't want me smoking in her house. so i was wondering how long does the smell usually last if you smoke in your car with the windows rolled up? i won't be driving, i'll just be parked. and i also have dark tints on my car so noone would be able to really tell.
  2. East Bay Ray East Bay Ray

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    not that long at all.
    i always smoke with the windows up and then i drive around for 10 min with the windows open, seems to work fine, i do it often and my car doesn't smell the least like weed.

    a good thing to keep in mind is the material of the seats of the car, sometimes my friends wont smoke in a car without leather seats in fear of it lingering.

    i drive a jeep with cloth seats and still smoke in there, with no problems.

  3. Dudeimanoldfart Dudeimanoldfart

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    Yea just make sure you drive around for a bit with your windows down and you should be good!
  4. homemadebubbler homemadebubbler

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    Eh, if you box the car the smell WILL linger for someone not smoking. You wont smell it, but it will be there a little. Smoking with the windows cracked would improve this. Airing out the car is a must. Odor eliminators like ozium work wonders too. Good luck and stay safe...
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  5. Lilpotmaster Lilpotmaster

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    usually i smoke in my car with friends and just crack the windows. we blows the smoke outta the windows which usually helps. then driving around with the windows open does miracles. and it can never hurt to spray axe : ) all i know is that i've chiefed in my car multiple times and it never lasts more than like 3 hours.
  6. Stoner Princess Stoner Princess

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    I'd probably do all three, but that might just be my paranoia talking. x3

    Crack a window, keep an odor eater under the seat and drive around with the windows down a bit.
  7. Amato d00d Amato d00d

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    I smoke in my car all the time. I just leave my windows cracked 24/7 and have a vent air freshener and it always smells good.
  8. Buzzby Buzzby

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    There's no good reason to drive around smoking in a car with the windows closed, unless it's the middle of winter or pouring down rain. Re-breathing used smoke doesn't get you any higher. The smell does linger. My daughter can smell it after a week. If you keep the windows cracked and the ventilation fan on full, the smoke exits the car before it has a chance to cling to the interior or your clothes.
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  9. Dudeimanoldfart Dudeimanoldfart

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    Does it really not get you any higher!?!? Isn't there still THC left in the smoke after exhaling?
  10. Jobes Jobes

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    Blunts are the only thing that make my car smell forever and that because of the tobacco wrap. I can never smell any weed if i just smoke bowls.
  11. Montanita Montanita

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    two words: Glade Freshner :)

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