Smoking in the cold (Winter)

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by wildcat420, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. wildcat420 wildcat420

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    I find that smoking in the winter outside, i don't feel the high as much. Does anyone else experience this?
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  2. OldTimeToker OldTimeToker

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    I like to be warm when im smoking. When im cold all I can think about is wanting to be warm, so that may have an effect on your high. :thumbdown
  3. jerzysanchez jerzysanchez

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    like... actually outside smoking?
    or being outside after you smoke?

    i was high this weekend and walking around chicago in a northface, didn't get cold at all. and i was trying to judge whether it was just me being high, or the northface. my friends were wearing peacoats and they were freezing.
  4. stonerr6758 stonerr6758

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    i remember last year when i had to shovel snow i got stoned like i smoked 3 or 4 bowls and went out to shovel the snow and my high was gone within 5 mins of being out there so id say it definitely affects your high.
  5. BlazedCanadian BlazedCanadian

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    if i have to be outside while im high i almost legitamatly do not feel high
  6. Lobeyonekenobi Lobeyonekenobi

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    Nothing like being bundled up and getting high in winter, do a little snow fight or something.
  7. metanoia metanoia

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    Your body is burning fat to warm you up outside in the cold, it's the same when you eat while your high.
  8. MattSKA MattSKA

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    Cold weather definitely affects my high!
  9. Zeroxtreem Zeroxtreem

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    To me, the cold is a definite buzz kill.

    When I'm outside in the cold, high, I only feel "stupid". I don't get the nice body feeling because I'm outside in the cold, and because I'm high, the only thing I can focus on is how fucking cold it is.

    I don't live in a TERRIBLY cold place I guess (Pennsylvania) but it can get pretty fucking bad.

    Good thing I can smoke indoors. :D
  10. Habitz Habitz

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    i hate winter for smoking outside i love it when its nice and warm out and you can just straight up chill and walk around and enjoy the feeling winter all i can think about is how damn cold it is =P
  11. notadrug_alifestyle notadrug_alifestyle

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    • Posts: 30 i only smoke outside
  12. JointEngineer JointEngineer

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    the snow finally stuck around here for good the past couple days. I walk to school everyday in the snow and use my mini vape all the way there. if I'm feeling miserably cold then I just try to imagine how bad it would be if I weren't smoking.
  13. Csharp Csharp

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    yeah i does suck having to go out in the cold but i pretty much have to do it. i cannot do it inside the house period. i never really noticed it taking away from the high though. but i try to do it as quick as possible without taking a bunch of hits within just a minute.
  14. 024 024

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    haha unlike all of you its really hot right now summer timeh! I find toking anytime good lol regardless of weather.
  15. Midnighttoker Midnighttoker

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    I know what you mean.

    I think I get just as high, only when I'm out in the cold I don't feel quite as high cause the temperature is a pretty big buzzkill for me.

    also, it makes it look like I get a big hit every time, cause of my breath looking like smoke. so it's hard to tell what kind of a hit you've taken when they all look really big
  16. OldTimeToker OldTimeToker

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    If you have real strict parents, and are forced to smoke outside, then I think you can definitely get used to it to the point where you will get high regardless of the cold. I always smoke inside, so smoking outside in the cold would be different for me and less enjoyable. If its a daily routine for you, then it probably wont bother you. And hey if you continue to smoke outside over and over again somethings obviously working for you :D
  17. Ghoast Ghoast

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    So a lot of yo guys find that thec old kills your buzz.. What about people that snowboard or skii while high?
  18. JointEngineer JointEngineer

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    snowboarding baked is one of the best experiences I have ever encountered in my own little corner of this bright world... the suns rays reflecting off the snow with infathomable brilliance, the trees and landscape flying by as you soar down through the clouds back to earth, the refreshing crispy air chilling you with mountainous magnificence with each breath you take... I don't know what more can be more exhilirating

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