Smoking weed out of a soda can?

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by SRJ1990, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. SRJ1990 SRJ1990

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    Broke my bowl the other day, and I'm not gonna be able to get another until I get paid in about 2 weeks...

    I've been looking around online, and I've read several posts about the dangers of smoking out of a soda can, in that the aluminum can cause Alzheimer's disease, among other things...

    I'm wondering if smoking semi-regularly for about a 2 week period will have any serious repercussions? I don't smoke cigarettes so I'm sure my lungs are relatively healthy, but I really don't wanna go ahead and damage them. Is most of the stuff posted online b/s, or should I really avoid doing this?

  2. Stoned_Soviet Stoned_Soviet

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    Aluminum is a big no no! If you don't have anything to smoke out of just get some papers and smoke a joint! Or if you're not 18 and can't get anyone over to get it for you, make a gravity bong from a water bottle. Much safer and hits like a champ! Just remember google is your friend.
  3. 5drive 5drive

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    Make a pipe from an apple. It's safe. It works well, and you can eat most of it.
  4. Haze24 Haze24

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    Just use sockets... U know like the wrench things... And make a steamie out of a botle or somethin... Apple is good idea to
  5. Noobie101 Noobie101

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    You can make a one hitter out of a zebra pen just take it apart and use the tip as the bowl for it.

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