Smoking weed.... Rotting Teeth?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by adam914, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. adam914 adam914

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    I know smoking cigs ruins your teeth, and I would imagine weed probably isn't much better for them. But I wanna know any of you have noticed if your teeth are losing there color or not. I'm just curious. I've been smoking for almost three years now, two of which very regularly and I gotta say, my pearly whites are staying pearly. What about you guys. Any long term tokers noticing any effects?
  2. Zebra Zebra

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    My teeth do get more yellow but it's a combination of smoking and forgetting to brush my teeth.
  3. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Smoking cigarettes doesn't "ruin your teeth". All it does is turn them yellow. Since marijuana smokers smoke so much less than cigarette smokers, it probably doesn't do any harm if you brush and rinse frequently with "whitening" products.
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  4. Herbania Herbania

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    Smoking anything will help along gingivitis , or receding gums. Just from the heat and smoke. When your gums recede a weaker part of the tooth is exposed that decays easier. Not as much of a problem with weed since people typically don't smoke weed all day like say cigarettes. Flossing is important to keep that away also, not just brushing and rinsing.
  5. Shellshock Shellshock

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    I haven't noticed anything... then again I have only been smoking for just over 2 years. I would imagine if you keep up with an orthodox teeth cleaning routine you should be just fine.
  6. thelonglostson thelonglostson

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    No, but bad dental hygiene will rot your teeth out. Personally I like brushing my teeth, especially a while after smoking. It cleans the pallet for the next toke and makes everything taste great.
  7. Fubar1977 Fubar1977

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    I wish I`d taken more care of my teeth when I was a kid, it`s costing a small fortune to sort thw damage out now!
    Very little to do with smoking tho and far more about drinking gallons of coke as a kid.
    A weekend spent in agony with a dental abscess is not a fun experience, trust me, so look after `em is my advice.
  8. ahainam ahainam

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  9. Mazzinator Mazzinator

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    i know people who get too high they get too lazy to brush. smoking bongs all day and munching on unhealthy snacks, they get canker sores all of the time.
  10. 420circle 420circle

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    Nah my teeth are pretty good,ive never noticed anything from smoking weed but i do tend to frget to brush quite often and ive noticed the front,bottom two teeth are see-through around the edges :/ Thats not from weed tho that probably has something to do with the meth.XD horrible canker sores and tongue rubbing.
  11. mrwise mrwise

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    I know this is an old thread but it's the first result for searching: smoke weed teeth
    on google so I figured lots of ppl read this thread looking for this info:

    Weed will dry out your saliva supply close enough to your teeth and will also partly as a result mess with your flem.

    If it's really bad I suggest going to the pharmacy to buy some "sprayable oil for throat" (usually sunflower or so) and using it on your teeth and thoat before you smoke, and be careful of how you smoke so it preferrably touches your theeth as little as possible (a cigarette extender is useful or straws), and maybe some ibuprofen (anti-inflammation).

    Before it gets bad you just need to brush your teeth properly with toothpaste and drink water before/after each breath of cannabis to rehydrate and rinse off the tar.

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