smoking weed with a ruptured/Perforated eardrum

Discussion in 'Health and Wellness' started by Africanbluntz, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Hey so 3 days ago i ruptured my eardrum, I think it was due to my loud music that i was listening too. Anyways it started bleeding and pussing which must be good...Better out than in right? haha. the doctor gave me amoxixillin to take. Iv been extremely bored with nothing to do except watch t.v and eat leftovers in the fridge. It wouldent be so bad if i could just get stoned! i have plenty to smoke but am skeptical about lighting up. Almost everything iv read on this topic says its ok to smoke with a ruptured eardrum, but some places say smoke could blow out your ear if theres a hole in your eardrum, which sounds pretty far fetched to me but seems plausible at the same time. Anyways im sure someone on here has been through what im going through, any help would be greatly appreciated and good vibes will be sent your way. thanks for reading. stay high!
    Also witch would be the best method of smoking with this condition? Iv got a bong a pipe and papers.
    P.S i have a bit of a cold still too.
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    I don't really think if you are smoking responsibly that it will affect your ear in any way but I'm not sure. You should ask the doctor if your okay to smoke. I don't think any residual matter would build in your sinuses and make its way to the ear.

    However, if you have a cold, you probably shouldn't smoke. People's lungs work differently. When I was smoking everyday, I would cough up this black ashy globs of shit in my mucous that was just horrible. Sometimes, when I exhale out my nose, I think I can smell smoke.

    Before this, I had like, bronchitis or something. I had shortness of breath that was very alarming I felt like I was sucking air through a straw. I smoked every day through that. Then came the aforementioned coughing up black shit. I would suggest looking up a quick easy way of applying your weed to a culinary vehicle. Perhaps firecrackers or an alcoholic solvent.

    Then again you could be fine

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