Some pumpkin carving templates...

Discussion in 'Cool Links' started by joereefer, Oct 18, 2006.

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  2. Logitech Logitech

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    woooah those are awesome, every year i try to make a "sick ass evil lookin pumkin" but every time i usually mess up and end up having two faces on my pumkin lol

    and the pot leaf thing im going to get a normal picture and blow it up on paint or somthin and see if that will work like the templates. if that doesnt work, im doin that sweeeet scooby-doo one :wave:

    muchos gracias for the templates
  3. Darque Pervert Darque Pervert

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    Their carving kits are awesome. I've carved many of their pattens over the past decade and they all come out incredible.

    I once made my own pattern using their tips and made this ass-kicking demon face with flames.
  4. joereefer joereefer

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    Since today's the day, I figured I'd bump this thread. Happy Halloween!! (Anyone else got any cool templates to share???)
  5. THC Fiend THC Fiend

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    I do the same thing every time.

    Regular eyes, regular nose, and a circle for the mouth. Then I take all of the insides of the pumpkin and pile them outside and inside the mouth so it looks like he's hurling. :chokin:

    I searched google for 'puking pumpkin' and came up with this. I usually make the mouth like 3 inches in diameter though.

  6. Perplexed Pixie Perplexed Pixie

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