Spiking an at home EMIT test with Visine to test negative

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by alant08, Sep 28, 2006.

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    I was reading this from
    Drug Testing Tips - NORML

    Now I believe norml.org to be a reliable site when it comes to information. Previous to this I have never heard of using Visine to pass an urine test. Have any of you here used or heard of people that have used this technique and what results have they gotten?

    Using adulterants seem to be an easy way to remain using and still pass.

    This link contains a lot of good info as well:
    How to Pass a Drug Test Tutorial - Beat a Drug Test With UreaSample.com - AFFORDABLE CLEAN URINE SAMPLES

    Im reading that link and it says I can dilute my sample heavily with water.
    The test I'll be taking is an OTC at home EMIT test so I'm not worried about the temperature. If it was a lab then I'd be worried.

    So lets all share some stuff we can spike our urine with.
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    I believe the advice you quoted is quite old.

    They WILL (as opposed to "likely") take the temperature.

    The labs ALWAYS "take the trouble" to check for adulterants.

    The site also doesn't mention oxidents, pH level or creatinine level. I don't really think it is complete or else it might just be old info.

    I did a javascript to date the last time the site was modified, and apparently it updates constantly, so there is no telling when that article was written.
  3. alant08 alant08

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    Its not a lab that is doing the test. The test I'll be taking is most likely one that is bought from a department store for like $15 $20. Im sure these are mostly EMIT right??

    What im basically looking for is a way to keep using and be able to pass random urine tests. So detox won't work because I won't be able to know ahead of time of the test. I'm also not being watched so spiking is what im looking into doing.
  4. mason_rigby mason_rigby

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    I am in tha same boat.I was thinking bleach.Let me know if u find somthing out.
  5. alant08 alant08

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    Alright will do.

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