splitting headaches

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by LoCalPoRnStaR, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. LoCalPoRnStaR LoCalPoRnStaR

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    for about a week now, most of the times i smoke, i get these killer headaches when im high.. ive been smoking the same kind of stuff for like 3 weeks now.. but it just started giving me headaches.. what causes them?
  2. orion8585 orion8585

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    I dunno, schwagg gives me headaches. try smoking better weed. if you're smoking dank i havent the slighest cluye of what it could be.
  3. SilentPete SilentPete

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    Try taking a break from smoking...does it go away?
  4. Bongwater19 Bongwater19

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    dehydration can cause headaches. drink plenty of water and see if the headaches don't go away. i have gotten headaches from smoking, but i can feel it begin to subside when i drink a glass or two of water. alcohol's hangovers are also primarily caused by dehydration.

    marijuana is a mood based drug. how is your mood? that may be causing the headaches.

    even if it doesn't work, drinking water might have a placebo effect, elevating your mood. excellent way to kill two birds with one stone [very difficult task especially when stoned].
  5. ADR531 ADR531

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    try smoking outta a vap. u won't inhale the harmful stuff in it, especially if ur smoking schwagg by the way. u'll just feel a little dizzy and light headed for the rest of the day and have a strong buzz, it's cool.
  6. l-lyl)r() l-lyl)r()

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    i used to think my headaches were from weed, i used to get one everyday and i would think i would die cuz it hurt so bad, but it turned out to be from allergies and poor sinus drainage or sumthin like that, if u havent been tested for allergies u might want to think bout it, they can really fukk your life up, trust me, its spring and the tree pollen and grass pollen r all over right now, hope ya figure out ya pain
  7. DoritosMan DoritosMan

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    i got migrane, and its a biotch, i get headaches that hurt so damn much i cant move, i get pissed off at anything i cant even think right, its all over when i toke a jay.

    I got headaches from smoking too much twigs and seeds, are you sure you took those out?
  8. LoCalPoRnStaR LoCalPoRnStaR

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    when i broke it up i made sure there wasnt a single seed or stem.. and its pretty good weed.. 3 hit sh!t.. the headaches have subsided a bit but i still get them..
  9. lessgovt lessgovt

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    Also getting headaches

    I just started smoking again after taking a long break.

    I also get a headache after I smoke.

    Mind you I'm prone to headaches but I thought this stuff is supposed to be good for headaches, (especially migraines).

    Does anybody know of any method of consuming marijuana to avoid getting a headache?

    Someone mentioned using a vapour, does that work and what else can be done?
  10. wakDbuds wakDbuds

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    i think i may have the answer... i get splitting headaches when i smoke too much hydro weed that has not been flushed (or cured)

    you can tell by the smell, taste and texture of the buds if theyve been flushed out or just ripped out while still on ferts. unflushed buds means smoking miracle gro, which i would say is the cause of the headaches (and uncured buds are full of chlorophyll which wouldnt help at all). at least it is for me... if i lie down in a dark room and have a short nap it generally makes them go away.
  11. AnarchistBarbie AnarchistBarbie

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    There is no easy answer to this question. Headaches are caused by a lot of different things. Marijuana helps with some of them, and not with others. It may even cause some people to have headaches.

    What kind of headache is it? Where is the pain located? Is it a sharp pain, dull pain, throbbing pain...? [You see where I'm going with this?]

    Headaches are not a joke. No matter what is causing them, if you are getting them regularly it might be time to see a doctor.
  12. wakDbuds wakDbuds

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    i sometimes get a sharp pain across my forehead to my temples... when i smoke weed full of chemicals... its a real killer and pretty much incapacitates me until i rest for a llittle bit
  13. DoritosMan DoritosMan

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    headaches hurt like a b!tch!

    My migrane started when i was around 14, i went to several doctors had my head x-rayed, MRI'ed, touched, probed, tapped and many others. The docs said nothing could be done since it was my brain manbrane(somethingmatter i think) that from time to time swells up, it press against my brain making it hurt like a mofo! They said it gets worse when i get older (good grief, give me some good news doc!) and there is not current treatment(there goes my good news!), all they can do is give my pain killers (which btw suck ass).

    Good thing that i havent had a migrane attack in months! Who knows maybe its the weed i been toking :)
  14. weedzinger weedzinger

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    DM, my doctor told me the same thing. I havent had a migraine in a long time. *knocks on wood*
  15. soybomb soybomb

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    I get headaches occasionally after I smoke weed, particularly schwag. They are really annoying and are a buzzkill. I would rather have the flu or something than a really bad headache that won't go away.
  16. chron1k chron1k

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    i get headaches off ****ty ass brick weed. I dunno but even when i take a nap and wakeup i feel all groggy :-( i feel like **** and i feel alittle dizzy too. :rolleyes:
  17. vaya vaya

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    schwagg needs to be smoked in larger quantities to feel the effects.

    Unfortunately, the 'larger quantity' bit is what causes the headache.

    Therefore, we come to one, and only one, conclusion:

    Schwagg SUCKS:splat:
  18. Sharpie Sharpie

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    dude are you sure there aren't any beaners (seeds) in ur weed. All my friends say if u smoke beaners u get killer headaches and sometimes puke.... i've never smoked one before, but thats what i've heard.

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