Sports and Marijuana ?!

Discussion in 'Games and Sports' started by Tvoja_-Mama, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Tvoja_-Mama Tvoja_-Mama

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    Hi people
    I have a question ...
    Marijuana is VERY bad for sports? ... or does it make no difference?
    ask for quick response

    thanks in advance:)

    :D Tvoja_-Mama :D
  2. 5drive 5drive

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    If you mean getting high before pratice or an event, sure it's bad. It affects your reaction time and energy level. It can also hurt your lung capacity, even if done afterwards.
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  3. Keith Keith

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    I wouldn't classify cannabis as very bad for sports, per se, but it's certainly not going to improve your performance. To be in peak athletic condition, it is advised to abstain from all substances completely, including but not limited to: alcohol, cigarettes, even caffeine. Keeping your body in it's most natural & healthy state is always optimal for playing sports.
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  4. Tvoja_-Mama Tvoja_-Mama

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    I mean if it's generally bad for sport ... I will not smoke it in front of the sport .. But thanks for the hint:)

  5. Dankitydankness Dankitydankness

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    Idk I might argue otherwise. It may depend on the person. It also may depend on the circumstance. Also, the results may not be the same every time. There is no doubt that any type of smoking isn't good for athletics. And weed does slow your reaction times and all that etc.

    But I have gotten stoned and played sports many times before. Sometimes I think that getting high before hand has actually improved my performance. I mainly play basketball and football. And there is no doubt that sometimes when I am high I can get into a zone that gives me a lot of confidence.

    In fact I love playing high. When I get into that zone playing quarterback or get into my scoring zone playing basketball it is just an awesome feeling. The weed intensifies that zone and can make me feel much more confident and sometimes unstoppable.

    Honestly there is no better feeling then smoking a fatty right before I play a football or basketball game, and then coming in and playing a great all around game. I like to sit back there all highed up and imagine I'm Tom Brady or Kobe Bryant. And it really does help my game. And honestly I believe I try harder too. I play like maxed out defense when I'm high. I just get so much more into the game.

    Of course though for me this is all backyard sports. No league or anything. Just playing basketball and football with friends and whoever is at the court.
  6. Pobie Pobie

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    Ugh... the amount of misinformation out there is so frustrating....

    This thread is down the front page, let me also qualify it by saying that I do trail running which requires a lot of dexterity, foot speed, and mental quickness and with a good focusing pot (a nice sativa, pineapple express is the finest green I have smoked for running; care to know why? look at what the high gives -->

    It also absolutely does NOT harm your lung capacity as was shown on the front page of MSN

    Keep in mind they only say moderate use to cover their ass, IMO (and I'm proof) heavy use doesn't do anything moderate use already wouldn't do if it were bad for something as sensitive as your lungs.

    Nor should I even have to mention Michael Phelps, and Usain bolt the fastest men in water and on land, BOTH smoke pot... not to mention the I'm sure hundreds of professional Basketball/Football... pretty much ALL extreme sport professionals... MMA fighters...

    I'm not saying become a junkie, but definitely try it for yourself with the CORRECT type of weed (dont smoke some og kush or youll fall asleep during practice lol) However if you have a nervous personality, hybrids might help calm you down more.

    It also relaxes your muscles and makes me more in tune with the motions of my body, so the amount of injuries you sustain, or atleast I do is zero. Plus man, it makes stretching feel great, and the more you stretch the less you will get injured, guaranteedddd

    happy toking and please spread around the good news.

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