Sprayed Weed?!?!?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by SmokerJoe, Nov 11, 2001.

  1. SmokerJoe SmokerJoe

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    Hi everybody,

    Tonight a couple of my buds and I went out. They had some weed which they called "sprayed." They said its supposed to give you an unusual type of high which you can control the intensity. Have you guys ever heard of such a thing? I took two small hits, and i was pretty good. No wild nasty thinking trips as i used to have. So, could you guys tell me if you've heard of such weed? anything you guys know about it? just anything.?.?.

    (ps. as i'm writting this thread, i am not sober 3 hours after last hit..)
  2. schwadood schwadood

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    Sprayed sounds like it was sprayed with something else. I have no idea what it could be. Could be anything from bug spray to embalming fluid. For some reason people like smoking weed dipped in emablming fluid. I think the weed is good enough as it is.

    Your friend said that you can control the intensity? Thats bull****. I'm sorry. but weed is a psychedelic, and once you get on the rollercoaster you can't get off till the ride stops. When you try and stop it yourself, or even slow it down, this is on cause of bad trips.
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  3. CocoaDrinker CocoaDrinker

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    Yea..i bought sprayed weed one time. IT was sprayed with roach spray...big high but i felt really dirty and stupid afterwards. It was only after a week that my guy told me it was sprayed.
  4. Panama Panama

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    Thread Moved

    To the Chemical and Physiological forum.
  5. Mamabudz Mamabudz

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    Stay away from Spray...

    Sprayed seems to be one of a few things from my research:

    FORMALDAHYDE (spelling?)

    All are poison when inhaled. The wooziness is brain cell death ...straight from the nose to the frontal lobes... It's I hit you'll die for.

    Usually used on chopped up male plants, schwag, and generally dirt weed to give it a punch.

    ALERT: Especially bad reactions felt by folks on any other pills (prescription as well as cold pills, etc.) Some leading to ER admittance.

    If you are told itas sprayed or treated, pass it by... If it smells funny -- anything but like fresh grass...pass it up.

    Safety folks...we want you all Healthy & Happy...

    ~ have a cookie ;)
  6. FootlongFatty FootlongFatty

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    sprayage sux

    Ok, once me and my buddy bought these doobs from some chick we didn't know , but we were desperate and stupid. They were really small, and they smelled like oregano, and the thing is they hurt like hell to toke, and the weed looked really dark. My friend noticed it tasted really different ..and that got be thinkin, the chick probly didnt have much weed so she just added oregano and maybe sprayed it with spray paint to give it thicker appearance. The high sucked ass, we were having ****ty trip outs and burnt out pretty fast.

    DO you think she actually did this? Spray painted the weed?
  7. Mamabudz Mamabudz

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    Never heard of spray paint. Next time you know better right?
  8. FootlongFatty FootlongFatty

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    Ya, i learned my lesson i guess kuz it sucked so much and hurt my lungs and throat alot.

    The reason i thought of Spray paint because someone mentioned that people do this to make it appear thicker and to just plain screw with you.

    heh, im quite new and i already appreiciate your love and concern , thanks mamabudz.
  9. Bongzilla Bongzilla

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    Yeah I heard of people smoking MJ that was dipped in formaldehyde, how stupid can you get?! Go ahead and drink bleach after you smoke a J, it'll be almost the same thing.

    Anyways, I try to stay away from anything that people refer to as being sprayed, laced, or anything that isn't pure weed.
  10. LordIcer LordIcer

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    Isn't smoking weed laced with formaldehyde or embalming fluid basically like doing PCP? Bad stuff...stay away
  11. Super Woman Super Woman

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    Yeah FootlongFatty, I know what your talking about. The weed I had that was laced with something (I'm thinking PCP or that one rat poison stuff.) And it smelled just like oregano and made me trip out. I sure learned my lesson! Now I'm gonna grow my very own...fun-fun-fun
  12. BoneyDragon BoneyDragon

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    Embalming fluid is a slang term for PCP, it does not mean formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is not something people put on weed.

  13. Mamabudz Mamabudz

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    Thanks Boney...
    PCP...never heard it referred to as embalming fluid... Thanks for keeping us up to date! ~ cookie?

    I do know some nasty folk are getting ether and formaldahyde from HS & College labs becasue its being discontinued from use in the schools since it is cancer causing.

    And the "laced" is always something cheap otherwise it wouldn't be worth the cost of lacing it now would it?

    Be careful and be safe...pass anything that doesn't look and SMELL right..."a killer buzz" is just an expression.
  14. Bongzilla Bongzilla

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    Actually PCP is something totally different, and unless Time magazine is wrong (and how could it be?! heh) people are actually putting formaldehyde on marijuana, because it gives you an 'awesome' high - due to your brain cells dying.
  15. HillBilly HillBilly

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    Ya think that if it was an "awesome high" to cut off a finger or two some bozo, or bozo-ette would actually do it?

  16. onEravEr22 onEravEr22

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    nigga...all i gotta say is...nigga u be faded...
  17. ikari ikari

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    No offence, but why would you smoke something that you weren't sure what it was? I'm very picky, and i buy only whole peices of the plant, where i know the guy who grows it, and i know he doesnt lace it with anything. I would never smoke something if i even slightly doubted the weed.

    In my opinion, it's just not worth it.
  18. Jethro Tull 1 Jethro Tull 1

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    PCP and Other Names for It

    PCP, Phencyclidine, Crystal, Angel Dust, Rocket Fuel, Wet, Water, Fry, Amp, Embalming Fluid, Formaldehyde, Hog

    All the same name for one substance, PCP. This is what people are talking about when there refering to laced weed with any of those names not literal formaldehyde. BUT, weed can be laced with other stuff two, I've had Speed weed, Hydrocodone (Vicodin) weed, its really a horrible thing and I really wish people would stop screwing with this wonderlous plant.

    P.S. - I'm way late on this thread but its like 3:37 in the morning and i was reading old threads and decided to make a quickie post.

  19. hot_pink_punk21 hot_pink_punk21

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    question for anyone who knows the answer.....can smoking weed sprayed with roach spray kill someone?....roommate says his last bag he got was sprayed with roach spray....i smokedthe same stuff he got last time and it didn't taste funny and i didn't feel weird...can you tell if it's sprayed with roach spray?
  20. SimplyOrange SimplyOrange

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    English, please.

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