Sticky weed?

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    Hey guys, so the other day I bought a fat sack of gunj. As i got it out i realized it was sticky as hell, so i ignored it and stuck it in the grinder. It was really hard to grind it, and when i opened it it looked like there was 1/2 the amount that i put in. It was all bunched up in areas, but not really grinded at all. So today i decided to leave it in the air for a little while, do you think this will help make it easier to grind? What else can i do to sort of dry it out to the point of regular weed? Thanks
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    sounds like it might be underdried. you can leave it sit out for awhile. i've turned the oven on the lowest setting and popped it in on a baking sheet for 20 mins before.
  3. j223 j223

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    So I tried grinding all of the weed, and it kind of worked but it looks like a lot less than it is. If i let it dry for a while in the open air, then ground it some more, do you think it would look like the correct amount?
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    If it's sticky because it's moist, leaving it out to dry will help. If it's sticky because it's full of resin, consider yourself lucky.
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