Stomach problems caused by Marijuana use?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by J0SH, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Hello. Happy holidays everyone. I'll get straight to the point. I suffer from stomach inflammation, or Gastritis as they call it, and just recovered from a Stomach ulcer. I have come to believe that since I'm young, and I'm already having stomach problems, these are probably going to be a lifetime recurring issues for me.

    So my question is, will smoking marijuana cause stomach problems for me in the future, like ulcers and stomach inflammation? I can't really afford high-quality bud, so I'll probably just stick with mid-end. Will smoking certain kinds of Marijuana cause stomach problems that other kinds wouldn't? Sorry, I'm not very knowledgeable about these things. Thanks for reading guys. Take it easy.
  2. AntiHeroKitty AntiHeroKitty

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    i have a lot of stomach related issues and the weed never seems to make them worse, if anything it keeps me calm when im in pain from them
    also me and my sisters smoke together when we have cramps and stuff to make it less bothersome
    though one of us had become violently ill after smoking once... but she was being a wimp and its never happened since...sometimes weed makes ppl sick and they throw up but i dont think thats elated to what ur asking
    ....yeah -.^
  3. AstroCoaster AstroCoaster

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    No, but alcohol and most pills do. Marijuana is actually recomended by most Gastroenterologists to patients with severe Gastrointestinal problems. They may also oddly recomend smoking a cigarette to relieve gas, but they are advised strongely against ever recomending smoking tobacco in the first place because of the severe health problems causes by it's outcome and if they arn't working under there own privet pactice who ever there working with may even ban mentioning it. As for mentioning Marijuana the doctor might say something like " Well, you know, Marijuana would actually help your condition. The only thing is I can't give it to you. ;) "
  4. Kushy Kushy

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    Ganja has soothing effects to the stomach (cancer patients use it to keep their food down). Unless of course you accidentally swallow the smoke, now that is uncomfortable.
  5. kmak kmak

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    And then 15 minutes later you burp the smoke out makes an interestingconversation starterif your in public
  6. boke boke

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    I was hospitalized so many times for stomach problems . . . until I started smoking.
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  7. AntiHeroKitty AntiHeroKitty

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    dude, when i dont smoke i get sick and sometimes puke and stuff... even had a friggin ultrasound for my organs and stuff this week...........then yesterday i smoke afer holding out for like a month......and i feel great

    just saying....your spoke to me o_O

  8. ZoZo ZoZo

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    Never eat a big turkey dinner, then drink your face off and rip massive bong hits. I learned my lesson from that.
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