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Discussion in 'Cool Links' started by DoritosMan, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. DoritosMan DoritosMan

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    I found this cool thingy doing a little search on google. Its the positivity rate in US for Marijuana. The really cool thing is that where i lived is the only place in red in the whole state of Kansas. And in other places like Columbus where i got family is red too. And its red too in other states where i got family heheheh its pretty cool, maybe some of my cuisins toke and i dont know... :)

    whats the color of your area?

    Here is the link to the page where you can acess the marijuana map.
  2. mindraver mindraver

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    no *reds* in texas!

    hey, i guess we (texans) just know how to cover up our urine better! ;) but, i doubt those are very accurate as to how many actual people smoke, but it is interesting. thanks for the link. lol, anyways, looks like my area is between gray to blue to yellow (4th, 3rd, and 2nd highest figures), mainly being gray and blue.

  3. ChilleY420 ChilleY420

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    GREY!! damn i thought thered be at least a yellow in my area. i think somethings up with this thingy :p
  4. soybomb soybomb

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    I don't know how accurate that thing could be, but my area is yellow! :D
  5. FootlongFatty FootlongFatty

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    heh , i live in Canada, BUT i'm in B.C. (BUD!!!) and if you look on the map at Washington...its like the 2nd biggest red section and i live about a 4 hour drive from the Washington Border so you can image that it's pretty damn red :D
  6. Rusty_Cage Rusty_Cage

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    Akron is on the brink of red and yellow in ohio. ohio looks to be doin pretty well. look at wyoming and montana, though. sucks for them :p
  7. Barrett-9317 Barrett-9317

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    Stoned in Charlotte

    Us fine southern gentlemen here in Charlotte, NC are holding our own too. Yellow for most of the state. Not too shabby!!!
  8. Leithreas Leithreas

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    yellow in littleton......
  9. nomadtw nomadtw

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    45 min south of me is red, my area is white... see what living in hickville where they dont' do drug testing does for you?
  10. ChronicBrownie ChronicBrownie

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    my area is grey. thats just north of chicago, that is so damn wrong especially since half that area that is grey is called North Chicago where crack houses are and everyone goes to do the hard drugs
  11. weedzinger weedzinger

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    Im red!
  12. BlackZombie BlackZombie

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    Hehe, Canada, BC, but I know it's red... HOw couldn't we be. :)
  13. gatorgrower gatorgrower

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    yellow here in mass...well I'll just have to smoke some more
  14. Captain Honkey Captain Honkey

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    LOL! It's funny that a bunch of you are pissed that people in your area HAVEN'T been busted by drug tests...
  15. SmasheR SmasheR

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    Haha my area is the top rating. Actually exactly where I live is yellow but its totally surrounded by red. Seattle pride
  16. innervision311 innervision311

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    NSD for my hometown and light blue for where I'm living now. When I was younger I read that 80% of the citizens in my hometown have admitted to trying marijuana at least once.
  17. Samwise Ganja Samwise Ganja

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    damn, i live near a bunch of coke whores
  18. mud_head mud_head

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    im in a red area, BUT I CANT FIND ANY!!!!WTH!!!! im so pissed right now...

    north vernon, indiana anyone???
  19. toothfairy420 toothfairy420

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    Wow...Washington is very red...a lot of jobs drug test here though...even some design jobs...

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