Strains that actually taste good?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by thefirsttimer, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. thefirsttimer thefirsttimer

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    Hey guys, I started smoking hookah before I started smoking weed, so my first time smoking weed I expected it to taste like really flavored shisha or something but I was completely wrong, it tasted like shit. I have tried so many strains from different places, but I cant find one that tastes actually good, flavorful, and fruity. All of the weed I smoke taste like burnt cereal or something lol. Are there any strains that taste good like hookah smoke? I wouldnt like to use the spray, I am looking for an all natural, great tasting herb. I tried Purple which people claim taste like Grapes, which is a huge lie, it just tastes like tar and smoke. I love the effects of Ganja but I hate the taste. Any recommendations?
  2. Kushy Kushy

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    When you smoke, you're never really going to like the harshness and nastyness of it. If you want to enjoy the taste and the smoothness of weed, you need a vaporizer, which will vaporize the herbs and you'll inhale a sweet tasty aroma of weed vapor as opposed to harsh weed smoke.
  3. Buds_Of_Steele Buds_Of_Steele

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    I think it may be an acquired taste for some people. Personally I love the taste of cannabis smoke, but like Kushy said, If you are looking for flavour then stop, and look no further because you've found the land of the vaporizer.
  4. Toxik Toxik

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    Heres your answer; Grape dutches<3
  5. Cellph Titled Cellph Titled

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    Theres plenty of strains that taste good, the other day I got a half eighth of some citrusy dank stuff. The taste will only stay with you for a split second then itll go away whether you like it or not haha. The best way to enjoy a nice strain is to vaporize it. Vaporizing you will get the best taste out of it. If you want the taste of flavored shisha, all I can say is continue to smoke hookah. Something I like to do is smoke the herb and hookah at the same time. Not necessarily putting herb in the shisha but smoking them both in the same sitting.
  6. thelonglostson thelonglostson

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    Right now I have some Blueberry Kush that tastes great, very fruity. Other strains I recommend is OG Kush or C99 they are very aromatic and taste sweet.
  7. Sniperblackout Sniperblackout

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    I would agree that weed is an acquired taste. When I smell some really dank shit it's not especially good, but I know what that shit is gonna do to me so in essence it really smells amazing. The taste to me has come with time. I enjoy most times I smoke if it is decent weed. Unfortunately for you, you tried with very potent tasting smoke first.
    For me, the first time I smoked hookah was the same night I tried weed, so it didn't cloud my opinion at all. But, like Cellph said, try smoking them at the same time if the taste really bothers you.
  8. toke_after_toke toke_after_toke

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    I personally have always loved the taste and smell of pot. If you don't like the taste you can always put other shit in with the bud like mint leaves or things like that. If you get a good tasting strain though like blueberry I can't imagine not liking it.
  9. prorathack10 prorathack10

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    I don't know I used to be like you and still prefer smoking tasty fruity weed. Sometimes you just won't find a great selection of fruity strains since that might be all what's available in your area because of many factors (i.e weather, growers, etc..) To be honest just buy a puff taste drops or however they call it. Heard it really helps.
  10. LRdank22 LRdank22

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    I like the taste of bubble gum, blueberry and mowie wowie :)
  11. Shellshock Shellshock

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    Usually depends on how well the grower took care of their plants during the harvesting and post-harvesting stage. A well grown non-fruity strain would likely taste better than a crappily handled fruity herb.

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