Strangest weed I've ever bought

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Passage, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Passage Passage

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    Hey y'all. Just recently my friend and I chipped in together and got ourselves an O, from a pretty reliable dealer we've used before. My friend did the actual transaction then drove to my house for a smoke session. We busted out the bag and I took a good whiff. It smelt just like that fake bud, the sweet ice tea smell. I started getting pissed, not believing that this guy would sell us an O of fake weed. It looked real and everything but with the smell I just refused to believe it was going to get me high. We packed a bowl and lit up. To my great surprise it smelled like weed, but tasted "sweet" in my mouth is the only way to describe this. It got us real baked though, but it's still bugging me. This shit tastes and smells exactly like the fake bud, but still manages to get me high. Has anyone else ever experienced something like this?
  2. joshpackr joshpackr

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    I've bought a sack or two of weed that had a "tea" like smell to it. It didnt taste sweet however, it tasted like normal weed.
  3. ilovealbertwalker ilovealbertwalker

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    ok i live in washington. the place where the best buds are! when i moved here people would be like oh its the grand daddy or oh i have the cough. no no no. it just smelled like hay all the time but it got us baked, sometimes people dont cure the bud right.
  4. steakii steakii

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    well i have never head of this "fake" bud, the only bud that i have bought that i consider would just be really really shitty weed. If it gets you high, why are you even questioning? it gets you high so be happy.
  5. Passage Passage

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    I know I shouldn't care, but it's just been buggin me. By fake bud I mean the shit like "Hawaiian Bud" etc that you can buy online.
  6. Dark Dark

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    I think Cali or BC would have something to say about that ;)

    I've never tried the fake buds, so I wouldn't know what they taste like. But I don't understand why it bothers you, if it smells good, tastes good and gets you stoned.
  7. Passage Passage

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    Well when you put it like that :p

    It's not bothering me, I like the weed but it's just something i'll always be questioning for as long as this O lasts me.
  8. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Considering that there are more than 1,500 varieties of cannabis seeds available commercially and God knows how many created by hobbyist breeders, weed can look, smell, and taste like almost anything. The proof is in the puffing.
  9. kaythree kaythree

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    But you said you got high? You wouldn't get a marijuana high from the legal buds you're talking about.
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  10. Tenderlungs Tenderlungs

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    I don't think the "legal highs" even get you high, and why would anyone even invest in that to rip you off, when there are much cheaper ways.
  11. contishface contishface

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    Well said. You probably know how marijuana generally makes you feel after smoking, so if you smoked this and it made you feel how marijuana makes you feel, it's probably actual weed.
  12. chadwick chadwick

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    yes we here in california do have something to say...we have the best bud in the WORLD**

    well fake bud can get you semi-high but not nearly as high as real bud, a way to tell would be look for proper looking calixes, crystals, hairs, and stems

    if those are normal looking than its probably real bud, some bud does have a sweet smell and some smell like cat piss or dog shit, other smell like blueberrys

    **Amsterdam not included

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    Lol, "what you smoking?"
    A dog shit blunt...
  14. Passage Passage

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    Guys I'm not claiming it was fake just it was some weird bud :p

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