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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Locutus, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Locutus Locutus

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    have you guys seen this? i hope it's ok to post here... i dunno, maybe it would even make a good sticky thread?

    i found this THC Calculator program at

    here's the direct link to the download and it's only 49kb:

    at first i thought it was going to be misleading, but after playing around with it a bit, it seems to be in the right ballpark for accuracy, except that it seems to take some people even longer than the maximum time indicated to get clean. it illustrates nicely how smoking daily or just a few times a week can really affect things, and it can account pretty well for when someone smokes and abstains and smokes again at odd intervals.

    of course it can't take the place of a real at-home thc test, but at least it can help give all those who are wondering where they stand a pretty good idea to begin with. hope it helps. :)
  2. Mishiro Mishiro

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    I used it, and I think a few minutes of research would be much more useful. But it's fun to screw around on it for a minute.
  3. Phyxius Phyxius

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    Yeah, I wouldn't rely too much on that... it doesnt take into account the many many variables that also affect it.
  4. Dazed.Confused Dazed.Confused

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    :bawl: it doesn't work for me! :bawl:
  5. killavanilla killavanilla

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    Just so you know, this program is as accurate as me takin a hard look at you.....
    It doesn't take into consideration:
    Usage history, strength of bud, height, weight, metabolism, fitness level, etc.
    It basically uses a mathematical formula based on a VERY rough guess.
    The reality is, if you choose to dl this program and use it, use it as a completely worthless estimate.
    Unfortunately, the only way to determine your actual time to be clean is to find out the hard way. You could hazard a good guess if you got info from people just like you, but I would imagine that might be rather difficult.
    IMHO, the program is just there to make you feel a WEE bit more confident about things
  6. trade04 trade04

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    im sure it was because you didnt use the program right. say you smoked 7 days in a row u need to press 1, 7 times... i find it extremely accurate. take into consideration as many smoking days as you would like. maybe even a whole month. maybe u skipped a day...then smoked the next you need to document that into the program.....
  7. smoker of reef smoker of reef

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    I have a ? - so you press 1, for times for each day of use, i got that. but on the botom it says the amount of days it would take to reach the under 50 mark. Yet, u must press the 2 button ( which is the # of days you didn't smoke) more than 5 times( my # was about 8 days on the left side for about 5 days smoked), so my ? is , if i had to press 8 days noy smoked #2 on the left side, how and the bottom does it say 5 days
  8. Secs Secs

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    You resurected a thread that is more than 2 years old to post babble? I can't follow what you typed, and no one previously involved with this thread is around to answer your questions even if they could understand them.
  9. 1tokeovertheline 1tokeovertheline

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    THC calculators aren't even close to being accurate. There are too many varibles that aren't taken into consideration.
  10. BeaverTree BeaverTree

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    Please Help

    I downloaded the file(Calc_THC)from the original site posted above and I went to delete the file and it states it cannot be deleted. An error mesage pops up and states the file is bein used by another person or program and that I need to close that first before I can delete the file(Calc_THC). Anyone encounter this problem? If so could you please let me know the steps I need to take to delete this file from my PC.


    Just reboot your PC in safe msdos mode and delete the file from there..
  11. 1tokeovertheline 1tokeovertheline

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    Just a normal reboot should have allowed you to delete it or you could have done a ctrl+alt+del and ended the process with task manager.
  12. FakeBoobsRule FakeBoobsRule

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    My THC calculator uses the following equation:

    Smoking before a drug test=possible failure.

    To double check the math get a home test.
  13. runningman runningman

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    Not to mention that it always seems to hover just above the line. You can input a wide variable of days smoked and days not smoked and after three weeks no matter what you're stuck above the fail line. I'd say we need Mythbusters but this myth is improbable.
  14. THC Calc THC Calc

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  15. stoneygreenbud stoneygreenbud

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    Something didn't go right THC, but insted of "reposting your post above, go edit that post and you can remove that content and re-place it with what you were trying to post in the first place.

    You do realize that the last post in this thread was last Dec. ?

  16. Ruckus Ruckus

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    Input = guesses and estimates.
    Output = guesses and estimates.
    Nothing new to see here.

    The best investment that one can make to know your present and future circumstances are home test kits which use the same principle as the labs do for the initial screen

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