THC released in saunas

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by BlazedCanadian, Jan 27, 2010.

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    THC can be released from ur bodys in many forms, one main one being sweating, when i play sports i do not sweat, at all. Thats just how my body is, but saunas make me look like i came out of a pool. Lots of people post stuff about tips to passing a drug test, would having saunas help with THC being released. I have a sauna at my cottage, i use it everytime i go (its amazing) would this help get rid of THC?

    also another question is if i toke up before going into the sauna (or like an hour later) will the sauna smell like weed, from my body?
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    yoo man someones really high or are we both the same?
    okay... sweat smelling weed is like saying drinking chocolate will make my sweat smell like chocolate..
    i dunno whats going on with that whole I'm "turning green" thing...

    and are you asking this for getting rid of the THC from your body for a drug test or just to feel "higher" because you would have lost some "THC"?

    because if it is for a drug test, then yes, it might help.. but you still got to flush your system with water or some wierdo pills...

    but if it because you want to feel "higher", well, I'm sorry to inform you that it just doesn't work this way. To get your tolerance down, your THC Receptors on your brain got to take "rest" because it is getting "too used" to the effect of THC, and doesn't make the person "feel as high".
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    its not for a drug test or anything, just curious. also a little for toelrance break. thannks
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    First of all, sweating THC does not smell like weed...if you smoke before entering, or after the sauna, the only place that will smell of weed is the place you smoked..

    Secondly, yes. Sauna's are a great way of excreting THC from the body for drugs tests and such. The amount of sweat you release in saunas is unbelievable, i have one and use it mainly for 'detoxing'...after a weekend of heavy smoking or after having a few drinks. From sweating so much, you are releasing more THC molecules, thus clearing your system quicker...the longer you stay in and how often you use it will determine how fast you clear your system.
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    Saunas do absolutely nothing to speed up the excretion process. Drinking a lot of water does not clear out THC, and neither does sweating a lot. THC metabolites are stored in fat cells. Sweating does nothing to burn off fat cells or THC. If you want to excrete THC, you must exercise (burn fat) and then use a sauna
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    When fat cells are burned, the stored THC metabs are released back into the bloodstream, to where they'll eventually exit the body via the urine and bowels. This can be a not-so-good thing if you have a few days or less before a scheduled drug test. If a drug test is indeed around the corner, youd want to curtail any fat-burning activities and be dormant as possible so you wont be releasing a bunch of THC metabs into the bloodstream, which will end up in the urine to be detected.

    Sweating doesnt help much because very little THC metabs are excreted via sweat. The rest of them are being excreted via the urine and bowels.
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    I'm sorry but you are incorrect Sweating is not at all an effective means of ridding the body of THC. You cannot drink a bunch of water, go into a sauna, and sweat THC out of your system. It would be nice but it doesn't quite work that easily. sweating != fat burning
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    Indeed, sweating doesn't really release THC but the burning of fat cells along with tons of water and vitamins does the trick. Passed my test with only less than 2 weeks between smoking and testing. Got on a good exercise/water/vitamin/fiber detox kit and drank about two gallons of water the day of and took twice the amount of B-2 to color my piss. Oh, and didn't work out for like 2 days prior. Worked like a charm....
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    ok cool, good thing i asked, great to no. thanks everyone :D
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    run run run run, sit ups sit ups sit ups, push ups push ups push ups, lift lift lift lift, sauna sauna sauna.

    +healthy eating, drinking, and vitamins untill 4ish days before test.

    i have til the end of this month, im athletic, havent smoked too much recently, and have a high BMR.

    any suggestions? like a schedual of what to eat counting down to the test or anything that will strengthin my chances of a solid double line. sorry this is on an old thread but i looked this up on google, and this forum is what came up so i'll be damned

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