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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by eekamike, Aug 17, 2008.

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    Does anyone have any experience with this detox drink? My local headshop claims that it helps against lab/pre employment tests. But im on probation and they test me twice a month and im not sure what type of test they use.
  2. eekamike eekamike

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    I have it in front of me... the vitamin shoppe claims it's their most sold detox drink and how people told them it works... but all it has is creatine and B vitamins... you'll be better of with following diluting method which is much cheaper
  4. Secs Secs

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    ... or stopping smoking altogether while you are on probation and subject to testing twice a month...
  5. KillerWeed420 KillerWeed420

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    The detox drinks work more by dillution than anything else. Not very reliable. You'd want to test yourself at home with some cheap thc strips to see if it will work.
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    Detox products are a very expensive means of doing the same thing as the dilution scheme outlined in these posts:

    Dilution and aspirin -- the technique

    DILUTION: tips, tricks and guidelines from N2

    Drug Testing - The Definitive Guide

    There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that removes THC metabolites from your system, other than time and exercise. You can spend $50 - $100 on "magic" drinks or pills and not do any better than you could with vitamins, aspirin, and Gatorade. Many people do worse because of the false claims of the manufacturers. The money-back guarantees are not any kind of insurance that the goop works. People who have applied for their money back are usually told that they must have done something wrong for the stuff to fail.
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    Yes the girl at my local hemp shop tryed to talk me into buying them, saying they had never had any returns etc that they work, then showed me a bit of paper with info on it and at the bottom it said...Cosmic Corner (name of hemp shop)will not accept any returns for refunds, all refunds must be sent to the manufacture, with full test results etc, that set of alarm bells instantly.

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