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    can you get a recipe for chicken paprikosh. its a chicken and dumpling dinner made with mushroom soup and sour cream.
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    from experience, if you only have 4 cups of stock, you only need 4 Tblspoons of roux - 4 Tblspoons of fat and 4 Tblspoons of flour. othwise, if you make a full cupful, you're going to have three quarters of a cupful left, and if you've used cannabutter, thats quite a waste. just my opinion and personal experience.
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    Roasted Nanners

    A great breakfast, dessert, or snack:

    -Preheat oven to 425 F.
    - Peal a banana (I left the peal on along the one side on the bottom).
    - Wrap loosely in aluminum foil.
    - Pop it in the oven for five to ten minutes, with or without brown sugar sprinkled over it (if you do use brown sugar, you don't really need the foil).
    - Smother in peanut butter and savor the warm, banana-y yumminess!
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    Drain water from ramen and place butter, pepper, the sriracha hot chili sauce or whatever you'd like to add.


    Chopped up mushrooms and Onions are a great add.

    And chopped chicken, Add beef if you'd like in place.
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    The Recipe Thread NON CANNABIS RECIPES

    My mom used to make what she called the Waldorf Astoria red cake.... the frosting was fabulous I dont have her recipes and sure would like to find it. She cooked up "something" then let it cool then whipped sugar and butter I think into it? The cooked stuff looked like paste Best frosting ever.

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