Things to hide weed in?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by Lalaporo, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Lalaporo Lalaporo

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    • Since: Apr 15, 2010
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    Gotta hurry up cause i gotta take a dump, what are some common household items i can put weed in, not alot of weed just a little. I was thinking a highlighter without the ink squishy in it, wat r ur ideads!!?!?holy shit!gotta gooo!
  2. ExtortioN ExtortioN

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    I hide my weed in my old PS2. if u have the fat one, there is an expansion bay in the back you can open and stash things in :)
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  3. TokerJoker TokerJoker

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    What do you need to hide your weed for? Are you like being searched by a cop or something or are you at school or what? :)
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  4. SenorSmokesALot SenorSmokesALot

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    Altoids tins, small boxes, small electrical appliances (open them up with screwdriver) closed umbrella, remote controls with batteries removed, dvd cases, in a sock at the bottom of the hamper, inside picture frames, behind light switches, behind smoke detectors (irony), but highlighter works pretty well.
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  5. Lalaporo Lalaporo

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    Got to hide it because the cops are always asking me for some and they might try to steal it.. lmao, what else can i hide it in?
  6. bluntslide bluntslide

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    recently i had to buy a vanilla bean like a fresh one. the smell of the vanilla was so strong i decided to stash in there. cant smell a single thing.
  7. Love4TheNugg Love4TheNugg

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    Use a deodorant stick, take the stick and the thing it sits on, and just slide your stash right in. Then just put the actual stick back in. It helps cover the smell as well.
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  8. headshot11 headshot11

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    If you can't think of places/things to hide your weed in, you shouldn't be smoking at all... instead spending your time in remedial classes.
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  9. TokeArtist TokeArtist

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    That was mean.... but very funny.
  10. buddlydoright buddlydoright

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    I'm with him^^^^
  11. FLStudio4512 FLStudio4512

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  12. Doomed Doomed

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    i pulled out the soles of my shoes and hollowed out a little hole and i slip my weed in there and put the sole back on it... works wonderfully if your at school
  13. TheDeadMan TheDeadMan

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    If you only have a little weed then smoke it all up instead of saving it. Especially if you're in a situation where you fear being searched.
  14. cbrown6 cbrown6

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    ive got a big, gold M&M that comes apart. I can fit my stash in there with some papers and my pipe and even some blunts. when its closed it keeps in the smell and its easy to hide it in a closet if you dont want people seeing it.

    Plus its a huge M&M.... its just cool.... lol.

  15. Greensnap Greensnap

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    I used to hide mine in the vent in my room. When I was a kid I'd hop up on my dresser and took the vent off and replaced the screws with super short ones a found worked great...
  16. sharif699 sharif699

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    I use my iPod touch box which has padding inside that helps with the smell and i keep that inside my computer.
  17. MrHands MrHands

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    I put mine in a glasses case
  18. MountainDew099 MountainDew099

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    I hide mine in a lacrosse stick. I took the bottom rubber cap off and stuck a dryer sheet in and then my bag of bud and stuck the cap back on.
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  19. tipper50 tipper50

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    What i usually do is hide it in my dresser. take out one of the doors and stash it back there where it won't fall and then just stick the door back in
  20. Castigar2000 Castigar2000

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    Buy PC games. The cases are a lot wider than DVD or console game cases, and I can fit a bag, three lighters and my metal pipe in one, with the CD still in. Hide it in your game library, shuffling the stash on occasion. ...You do have a game library right?

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