Throat pain 15-20 minutes after smoking

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by 2-0-Sickness, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. 2-0-Sickness 2-0-Sickness

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    Is it typical? I've been a smoker for 2 years and it seems like I'm the only one in my groups that gets them. I have to constantly drink for like 10 minutes. Especially out of bongs.
  2. brynnsamuel brynnsamuel

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    I get throat pain too mostly when I use my bong. So I'd say it's normal.
  3. lil_rabbit lil_rabbit

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    do you use ice? I would recommend that and maybe smaller snaps until your okay to go "normal"

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    I always get a scratchy throat after hitting buckets, but that's about it. I'd say it's pretty normal
  5. The Key The Key

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    When I first got my bong, I'd occasionally take too big of hit that my throat can't handle.
  6. ctth75 ctth75

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    I remember my homemade bong always gave me such harsh hits, and I would feel the pain a half an hour after smoking it. Mostly why I stopped using it. I guess it all depends on how smooth your bong hits.
  7. mariguana mariguana

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    Yeah dude, I used to get terrible throat pains after a harsh bong toke, it would last quite a bit and it would burn my throat. I don't get them as much anymore, only now and then, but I've learned to get used to the pain.

    Try ice, its what I did and after using ice for a few sessions I went back to no ice and I don't get them as much anymore.

    I know how the pain is, I can't stop drinking also haha, it's quite a bitch!
  8. nugatronica nugatronica

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    depends on what kind of bong you have obviously when I started smoking I smoked out of a bowl and that would cause my throat to burn aswell. But I invested in a 400$ dirty rico and I can take a massive hit and I will never feel the burn it has a UFO perc and a 16 arm tree perc so the diffusion is pretty incredible

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