tin foil pipe -- will it work?

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by runtime79, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. runtime79 runtime79

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    i made a tin foil pipe by taking a sheet of foil, folding it in half, and rolling the foil up around 4 wires and a AA battery at one end. The wires made a long, uh, "tunnel", i guess, and the battery was the bowl. I rolled it, bent it 90 degrees, twisted it, and took out the wires and battery. to prevent leaks, i wrapped the whole thing in plastic tape expect for the parts that would have put the tape too close to a flame. i haven't had a chance to test it, do you think it will work? my main concern is leaks.

    i'm pretty proud of it. :D


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  2. Dank Nugz Dank Nugz

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    Yeah, it would work, but I wouldn't suggest smoking out of tinfoil. When you burn the tinfoil, it releases a whole bunch of chemicals that you inhale into your lungs. It's really a terrible thing to do to your lungs. I would suggest spending a few bucks and getting some rolling papers.
  3. imported_ThurgoodJenkins imported_ThurgoodJenkins

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    yeah it will work, but you'd be better off not smoking out of tin foil
  4. Lee Lee

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    so wait...you have a pipe made out of tin foil and batteries?

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. oh man. this almost makes me want to say 'yea go ahead, youll be fine...':rolleyes:

  5. runtime79 runtime79

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    whoa, i had no idea... thanks, that would have sucked ass if i found that out the hard way.
  6. runtime79 runtime79

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    hahaha, i used a battery to wrap the foil around for the bowl and took it out when i was done making it.
  7. kbwiv kbwiv

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    yeah it looks like you made a perfectly functional pipe, but like everyone is saying, it's probably not the best for your health. grab some rolling papers at the store, or use an apple, that's what i'd do!
  8. Smoke_THC Smoke_THC

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    buy some rolling papers. if you dont know how to roll and cant get some 1 to roll for you. make a home made bong, there are ways to make them not including tin foil that arent that bad for your health.
  9. Comatose Comatose

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    That's possibly the most ghetto thing I've ever seen...Ever.

    <EDIT> jesus christ...
  10. Insaneteacher Insaneteacher

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    nah man, the most ghetto thing to smoke out of i think is a plastic straw from mcdonalds hahaha

    but take everyone's advice and don't smoke that thing, i would suggest throwing down 20 bucks and buying yourself a nice glass piece, that can be hard to do but it's very much worth it. think of having a great tasting, possibly great looking and very sturdy/healthy pipe to smoke out of for as long as you can go without breaking it.
  11. homemadebubbler homemadebubbler

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    I smoked out of tinfoil sometimes. As long as you don't do it often or burn the tinfoil, you wont die ;)
  12. Smoke_THC Smoke_THC

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    i have too. but that was when i didnt know it was bad for me. i did it like mebe 5 times or so. but ever since i knew i havent done it, ick chemicals. but then again, ciggarets got chemicals too:wave:

    ims o high:cool:
  13. Colt45420 Colt45420

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    I think we've all hit a tinner at one point, or a few points.

    They're not great for you... or great to smoke outta... I sure as hell wouldn't carry it around proudly and brag about it like a glass piece, but yeah.

    One time I used a sewing thimble for a bowl piece. I poked holes in the bottom of the thimble w/ a safety pin so the smoke could go through. I attached it to some small metal tube somehow. It made a pretty decent chillum. I recommend that if you need a temp bowl piece, make a trip to a craftstore or somethin and get a thimble. They work really really good.
  14. Midnightsmoker Midnightsmoker

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    Will it work? Yes. Is it healthy to smoke out of? No!!!:wave:
  15. Vicki Vicki

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    My grandmother used aluminum all the time. She died of Alzheimer's Disease when I was 16. My Mom stopped using aluminum after that, and I have avoided aluminum at all costs since then myself. Also related to aluminum....there has been a recent study that the aluminum in some deodorants are linked to breast cancer.
  16. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    I would rather not smoke at all than resort to smoking out of something like that. Its bound to be extremely harsh and unpleasant. I smoke marijuana becasue I enjoy the feelings associated with it....with that, the first two "feelings" would be that of coughing and a sore, irritated throat. Who knows the numerous health risks involved? Batteries? Foil? C'mon....there are many better pipes that can be made from household goods.

    Go to www.marijuana.com/420 and search the methods of use forum. You'll find hundreds of ways to smoke that are bound to better than that contraption.

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