TN: Bill legalizing medical marijuana goes to House and Senate

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    TN: Bill legalizing medical marijuana goes to House and Senate
    WKRN / Heather Jenson / 4,3 2012
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. -
    A bill scheduled to go before committees in the House of Representatives and the Senate Wednesday, couldn't pass soon enough for many suffering from severe and chronic illnesses. The Safe Access To Medical Cannabis Act would determine what medical conditions qualify for marijuana use, how pharmacies would sell the drug, and what licenses would be necessary for producers and distributors.

    Medical marijuana is legal in 16 states, but the south has been slow to follow suit.

    The current bill has been in the Tennessee legislature for more than a year and has been recommended for approval by a house subcommittee.

    Constance Gee, The former first lady of Vanderbilt University, is just one outspoken advocate.

    She told Nashville's News 2 "I'm just one of millions of people that have severe illnesses, chronic illnesses, that benefit, that could benefit greatly from marijuana, and I really hope that we could be, maybe we could be the first state in the southeast to legalize medical marijuana." Gee was pictured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal for her use of marijuana to treat nausea associated with Meniere's disease, a chronic illness that causes severe vertigo and hearing loss. Gee will go before the House and Senate committees today in support of legalizing the drug. She said it is a good bill and is pleased with the regulations currently in it.

    Gee continued, "I do from time to time suffer, you know, several days of being really dizzy and off balance. And sometimes it's bad enough where I'm really, I'm so nauseous all I can do is lie on the sofa. And after a few hours of that, it's like 'what would you do?' I mean, if you can take a couple hits of pot and feel a lot better, wouldn't you?" Gee admits it's very scary to be so public about her use of marijuana for medical reasons, but feels strongly about the need to legalize the drug not only for her, but for others like her.

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