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  1. potman142 potman142

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    6 months ago, when I began to smoke weed regularly, I could get high fairly quickly, I'd get really high, and I'd be high for upwards of 2 hours. Well that was six months ago and lord knows how many bows I've cashed since then. For the past 7 weeks I've been smoking everyday and recently I've noticed that my tolerance is much much higher then it once was. Lately I've only been able to stay high for about 15 mins and it's not nearly the same quality high that it once was. Well, I decided to take a tolerance lowering break from smoking. Today, I'm happy to say...scratch that, I'm sad to say, was my first day without somking in the last 7 weeks. I don't feel the need to smoke at all nor do I feel irritable or depressed as I hear is often the case when you stop. Anyways my question is this: How long should I refrain from smoking in order to again experience the effects once did. I don't even know if this is the right forum for this question or if someone already posted a thread whith the same content. I tried to find one but I couldn't. oh well, thanks for taking the time to read my question.
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    I find tolerance is more apt to become noticeable when you smoke everyday. If you cut down your smoking to 2-3 days/week than you will probably be less likely to build up a tolerance over time. However, alot of us smoke everyday..myself included. :cool:
  3. wakDbuds wakDbuds

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    i stopped for two weeks after smoking every day for 2 years... today my friend smoked me out at uni with a joint, and i was pretty ripped... i had this huge dumb smile on my face for about an hour... it was grreat :D

    try a week, that should be enough to get pretty blasted
  4. thegoat thegoat

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    i smoke at least 3 times a day...however after going 1 day without smoking at all the next day when i get stoned again for the first time it seems to effect me alot more... i think their is tolerance to weed...but not true tolerance...
  5. royal royal

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    how long does it take to build up tolerance?

    sorry about all the questions i'm asking lately, i'm just curious. how long does it take to build up tolerance to weed? i've been smoking since the middle of the summer and i still get reasonably high off of one bowl to the head. in order to get ripped out of my mind though, i usually have to smoke 2 bowls. am i already building up a tolerance or does it take much longer?
  6. royal royal

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    also i forgot to mention that the bowl i have is a small sized inside out glass piece, and the head is a little small. you gotta really jam in the weed if you're smoking a fat bowl, and boy does it stay alive for long!
  7. bo-battie bo-battie

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    to tell you the truth, i think the whole marijuana tolerance theory is mostly exaggerated (except maybe in extreme cases, e.g. bob marley, snoop). i've been smoking 1-3 times a day for probably close to 2 years now, and i can still get pretty much as high off one bong rip as i did back then.
  8. phial phial

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    actually you can build up quite a tolerance, but it doesnt last as long as with other substances...

    if i smoke steadily for a couple days, by the time the 2nd day goes by i can notice a big difference. weed that normally gets me smacked after one joint takes like 2 or 3 joints...

    and it usually takes the same amount of time for the tolerance to go away.. about a week for me...
  9. EeJay EeJay

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    bo-battie: When's the last time you took a few days break? I find that if i've been smoking quite a bit, then take even two days break, that first cone back hits hard.

    I agree with phial. I can build up quite a tolerance in a couple of weeks, to the point that I have up to smoke three times the amount I usually do to get the same stone. But then, if I take a week or two off, it's back to zero.

    It seems to be analoguous with building muscle - It takes time to build muscle initially, then once you stop, it deflates fast, then if you start working out again, it quickly rebuilds again. That's how it seems to me.
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  10. bo-battie bo-battie

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    dude to tell you the truth, i don't remember.
  11. Mamabudz Mamabudz

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    Here's a point I like to make about the medical use of cannabis:

    If you are taking cannabis as a medication for any of a number of illnesses such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), bi-polar disorder, muscular spasticity, non-opiate responsive pain relief -- the "High" is actually an irritating side effect of the medication :eek: . Under medical marijuana conditions, where a patient is taking in what would amount to 3 grams or more a day (that would be 3 or more machines rolled joints) it would take about a year to get past the "side effects" enough to be able to return to activities requiring the ability to perceive and react such as driving a car.

    You can understand then how difficult it is for these folks to not only have to do without their medication, say when the Feds raid a marijuana coop in Califirna -- but once they are back onto their medication it takes quite sometime before the "side effects" abate to where they can once again function.

    It's an interesting corrollary to the question you poised.
  12. vivrantv vivrantv

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    reverse tolerance

    if theres a thread on this (i searched, found nothing) stop me please. But in psych, we learned pot has reverse tolerance, where you smoke more but need less to get high over time. Yet people always talk about breaks to let their tolerance down. So what's the real deal?
  13. iamaustin23 iamaustin23

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    I think that your psych teacher has been trying doing a bit too much "research" on the topic...

    but seriously...if the guy's not just straight up wrong, what is the deal behind this "reverse tolerance"?
  14. SmokerForPeace SmokerForPeace

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    Reverse tolerance happens with only a few off-topic drugs. If you've been smoking more than a month you'd know this teacher is full of it.
  15. LouReedNYC LouReedNYC

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    That is completly false. I would never be broke if it was.
  16. DailyTripper DailyTripper

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    reverse tolerance.. smoking a lot usually build it up so we take breaks to let it go down... not the other way.. if that was true, ill probbly be getting high after one hit or a sniff of the smoke man..
  17. Mr.Chronic Mr.Chronic

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    Where did your teacher go to collage???
  18. LouReedNYC LouReedNYC

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    You have deffinetly not been to college.
  19. Bowlblaze Bowlblaze

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    and you definately have not either;)
  20. LouReedNYC LouReedNYC

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    Bowlblaze, if you are going to try and insult my intelligence in the way I insulted Mr. Chronic, pleace at least spell correctly. Deffinetly, has two f's in it. So once again we have another person who has not been to college, or Junior High School.

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