Tootie Fruitie

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    Tootie Fruitie

    From: private dealer
    Rating: 8.5*
    Type: Hybrid
    Price: $50/eighth
    Looks: Very tight nugs. Dark green with bright orange hairs. Absolutely covered in thick yellow trichomes. Small amount of leaf but it’s easy to ignore.
    Smell: Very fruity, fills the room when you open your container. It honestly smells so good you would literally want to eat the first bud you see.
    Taste: Besides wanting to taste one immediately upon smelling these nugs, every bit as pleasurable as the smell. Very good smoke, not harsh at all.
    Buzz Type: When I take a big bong hit, I feel it behind my eyes right away. The longer I hold the hit, the redder my eyes get before I exhale. Very nice. Immediate head/body high as soon as you take your first hit.
    Buzz Length: 2 big bong rips kept me stoned for a good 2 hours.
    Overall: Its one of the prettier buds I've seen and add that to the wonderful aroma, its a can't miss bud. Let me tell you from much experience last night and this morning, the high you get from smoking Tootie Fruite is just as nice. It is not going to hit you as hard as one of the more powerful OGs, but it will definitely keep you buzzed longer. This bud has legs and is a crowd pleaser w/o a doubt!

    *On a scale of 1-10, 1 being utter shit aka dirt weed and 10 being CC Winner Grade aka Lemon Haze.

    PHOTOS COMING SOON w/ MY REVIEWS(waiting to purchase a high res exposure dig camera)
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  2. dope lettuce dope lettuce

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    i awnna see the photos of the tootie fruitie
  3. 024 024

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    Looks like a good strain, I am just concerned you will smoke it all before buying a camera :D
  4. cabriosnap cabriosnap

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    dude this review is AWSOME! someone should sticky the way the OP was presented for future reviews
  5. stonerr6758 stonerr6758

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    sounds like realy amazing bud cant wait to see the pics
  6. b_ray_ b_ray_

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    I've tried tootie fruitie before, the high was amazing. The smell of the buds though were just as intoxicating.
  7. OldTimeToker OldTimeToker

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    The name sounds some pics!
  8. Sognos Sognos

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    I've had a few friends tell me they've smoked it b4.
    Supposed to taste just like fruity pebbles.
    I've never smoked it tho. :(
  9. Gummy's Kush Gummy's Kush

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    Don't know what type of camera to invest in, tbh. I have a Samsung digital camera, but the close up pics are shite!

    Anyone know how to make it focus better or more clearly? Any decent, not super expensive, digital cameras that have high res picture features??
  10. Balabeezy Balabeezy

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    Sony, jk i only said that cause those comericials.. go to best buy and talk to someone about it in the camera section..
  11. Gummy's Kush Gummy's Kush

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  12. Gummy's Kush Gummy's Kush

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    BTW!! for others that are curious what a good dig.(high res) camera is to
    buy, I got a Sony Mavica MVC CD-500. Its got Ultra Stabilization and special lenses that may images(close up) super clear!
  13. Gummy's Kush Gummy's Kush

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    These are pics of my friend's stash, the first one is one of the buds I have left of it.

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