Torch lighters?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by Welchman, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. Welchman Welchman

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    my friends have told me using a torch lighter to light up the bong is useless and makes the weed burn up all the thc, now im wondering if thats true or bs, because ive tried to look it up and found nothing
  2. Darque Pervert Darque Pervert

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    It's B.S.

    Actually, a torch lighter has a more precise flame, which allows you to light only the portion of the bowl you want easier than a disposable butane lighter.
  3. rich420 rich420

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    but doesnt a torch lighter use a different gas than a regular one?

    meaning those fumes will get into your lungs?
  4. Rauch|Drogen Rauch|Drogen

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    Nope. They both use butane.

    - Rauch|Drogen :thumb:
  5. Dank Perception Dank Perception

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    I don't think it's worth it anyway. the jet lighters run our of fluid alot faster than most lighters.
  6. 5drive 5drive

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    You can't inhale butane when the lighter is lit. It's a myth. Butane is carbon and hydrogen (C4H10). The hydrogen burns first (and fast), then the carbon. Once the hydrogen is burned, butane can't exist. When the carbon is burned, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are produced.
  7. thaaster thaaster

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    Darque, do you prefer a torch lighter, or a disposable?

  8. Bowlblaze Bowlblaze

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    I'm not a fan of torch lighters for bowls; I find that they tend to make my weed taste funny. Bic works just fine for me.:)
  9. Perplexed Pixie Perplexed Pixie

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    All I have to say is, no crack torch on the kind bud man!
  10. Itzamna Itzamna

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    weed, i'd use a regular bic, torch lighters have a tendancy to torch the bowl, burning it way too quick;however, if you are smoking weed w/ salvia divinorum then a torch lighter is a better idea, because something about the salvia burning at a higher temperature.
  11. 5drive 5drive

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    A small torch will burn about 300 degrees hotter than a regular lighter. The good part about this is that the torch burns all the carbon produced by the breakdown of butane. That means a torch leaves nothing for you to taste, since the leftovers-water vapor, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide- are odorless and tasteless. The incompletely burned carbon (left by a regular lighter) is responsible for the funny taste-not butane taste, just carbon taste. So if you use nothing but a torch on your pipe/bong, there will be no aftertaste. If you use a normal butane lighter, you'll leave some carbon black, some of which will burn off later, even with a non-torch lighter. Using a torch after a regular lighter will definitely give you a taste of carbon.
  12. -LOST- -LOST-

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    If you want to cache the bowl in one hit then a torch lighter is the way to go but if you wanna chill with it, smoke with some friends or whatever then bic is the way to go
  13. stoney_408 stoney_408

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    u know if you have a good bong and you use a torch it can be alot like a vaporizer no water in the bong burn the weed until the bong is full pull and blam there u go!! :bong2:
  14. tokin up tokin up

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    iIt;s no different unless you hold the torch to the bowl for along time, most of the time it take 1 second to light the bowl in a bong
  15. stoney_408 stoney_408

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    true dat
  16. IheartDoties IheartDoties

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    I use a zippo, but I don't smoke bowls often, I tend to smoke blunts.
    I'm considering buying a bubbler or pipe though!
  17. 5drive 5drive

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    It's not useless, since it obviously burns the weed. The problem is that it burns it too well. It incinerates the weed, and that's wasteful. What most people don't realize is that when you smoke you also vaporize. In fact most of the high you get may well come from vapor. As the cherry burns it heats the adjoining herb to the point where it vaporizes, and you inhale the vapor along with the smoke. When you use a torch lighter, especially if you're trying to take the bowl in one hit, you burn the weed too fast. Whether you use a torch or not, just get the bowl started. Don't lay on the flame.

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