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Discussion in 'Music' started by highguy0910, Jul 24, 2007.

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    maybe said, maybe not, i haven't had a chance to read the whole topic, but The Sound Of Animals Fighting's "Lover, the Lord Has Left Us" is pretty fucking trippy. It's experimental/electronica with a couple more rock-ish songs(ex. Horses In The Sky). but otherwise, i would agree with the mars volta.
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  3. Bud&bluntman Bud&bluntman

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    you have to stop listening to mtv pop music, beside pink floyd and sublime.
  4. Doc Mitch Doc Mitch

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    the song intergalactic by the beastie boys is pretty trippy. the daft punk remix to it is even more trippy.
  5. theFIVEhairwonder theFIVEhairwonder

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    anything by tool's pretty trippy, and combichrist (which is more industrial than techno), but theres one song that gave me the creepiest, most macabre hallucination thing ive ever had o_O

    "sunny day" by zug izland.

    i saw these crazy-ass blue zombies with no legs crawling after me in a graveyard, and i couldnt open my eyes. that would so be the best video game ever.

    incubus really relaxes you more than trips you out, but "megalomaniac" is kinda trippy.
    and listening to basically anything backwards. lol.
  6. FunkySkunky FunkySkunky

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    You Enjoy Myself by Phish will take you on a musical journey. Crazy song. You feel like you're lost somewhere in the music... Just get real baked. It will be awesome.

    That's just a little sampler. The album version is about 9 minutes long and the whole thing is worth it.
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  7. Bud&bluntman Bud&bluntman

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    Miranda, that ghost just isen't holy anymore by the mars volta. It's one of their more chill songs, and its trippy. All their music is trippy but some of it is too intense to listen to while high.
  8. DEmmett223 DEmmett223

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    Believe it or not U2 early years are kinda nice when yer high. 1980-1983. The Boy album and October album are kinda trippy when yer baked. "Tomorrow" by U2 on the October album is very nice.
  9. Mushroom Man Mushroom Man

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    i didnt go through all pages, but if you want to go on like a cosmic trip listen to shpongle or younger brother or something. Its a type of music hard to classify.
    youtube these songs, listen to the whole song and ill be damned if it doesnt appeal to you:
    Behind Closed Eyelids
    Devine Moments of Truth
    Shpongle Spores ( The most relaxing mindblowing song ive heard to date..if the into sucks to you skip to two min)

    if anyone actually listens i want to hear what you got to say about it
  10. mondaymonkey mondaymonkey

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    Leftfield "Release the Pressure" is GREAT when your nice and roasted/toasted

    Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds is great... I know its about LCD... and i've never tried any thing but weed, but its pretty intense
    "Rocking horse people eat marshmellow piessssssss" LMAO it makes NO FUCKING SENSE if your sober, but when your high as a kite, i make up stories around it for some reason. I spent 2 hours listening to it over and over while knocking back massive bong rips.... I went thru most of a quarter sack of bc bud that night with my friend
  11. cbhardison cbhardison

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    I've never listened to it stoned, but I'd say Blue Man Group, and I'd also suggest some black lights and sound reactive strobes too.

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    I think Planet Caravan is trippy
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  13. Tony4/20 Tony4/20

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    watch the video to Black Hole Sun on youtube by soundgarden....amazing when ur on weed
    nothing else.. other wise its just scary.. trust me on that
  14. gratefulvideofan gratefulvideofan

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    Agreed. That video and song will stick with you under certain conditions. Very trippy and haunting.

    When I think trippy music i think Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd above all others. Especially 69 and 74 Dead but any is great.
    Floyd Live in 1971 and DSOTM and Animals (The Wall is to dark for trippy IMO)

    Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter

    Rush - 2112.

  15. Salvataggio Salvataggio

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    Here comes some variety:
    Cibo Matto
    Vampyros Lesbos (don't let the name fool you)
    Herbie Hancock
    Macross Plus OST2
  16. gabriel420 gabriel420

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    Bisco and string cheese incident are both great when your smoking or enjoying anything else.... pretty much anything attached to acid mother's temple will melt your ears too.
  17. Zaireeka Zaireeka

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    I've been listening to some Grateful Dead studio stuff lately, and they did some awesome trippy things with their music.

    Anthem of the Sun is a collage of live recordings mixed with stuff recorded in the studio, and is one of their trippiest albums released.

    Aoxomoxoa is similar, but there is no live stuff spliced in. It has the tracks St. Stephen, Mountains of the Moon, China Cat Sunflower, and What's Become of the Baby.

    Wake of the Flood is probably my favorite Dead studio record. It was recorded a few years after the other two I mentioned. Here Comes Sunshine and Eyes of the World are my two favorite tracks on it, and they're pretty trippy.
  18. Zaireeka Zaireeka

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    The Black Key's newest album, Attack & Release, has some really trippy effects going on. My favorite songs off that are "Psychotic Girl", "Remember When (Side A)", "So He Won't Break" and "I Got Mine."

    Also, Beck's newest album has some pretty trippy stuff, too. It's called Modern Guilt. I'm not as familiar with it yet as any of his other stuff, and I don't know any of the songs by name yet, but it is a really cool record. This album and Attack & Release were produced by the same guy, Danger Mouse. He's been doing a lot of cool things lately.
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  19. Zocalo Zocalo

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    Omg, Black Hole Sun just completely killed my trip. I was feeling great before seeing that weird ass video...

    My contribution to this thread:

    Third Stone From The Sun - Jimi Hendrix

    Without a doubt the closest piece of music to ever come close to what I think a shrooms or hallucinogen trip is like. Especially after reading the lyrics and combining it with the
  20. MrProtein MrProtein

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    next time you feel like tripping

    alexander the great by Iron Maiden.....YOu will think you back in ancient greece fighting in a war...after that, the evil that men do (live version rock in rio) by iron maiden

    up the irons

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