TX: Legal smoking of marijuna possible soon

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    TX: Legal smoking of marijuna possible soon

    San Angelo Standard-Times | 1/04/2010 |

    Texas -- Among the not-so-wild forecasts inspired by end-of-decade musings is this one: Within a few years, millions of Americans may be legally smoking marijuana.

    That would have seemed an outlandish notion just a few years ago, but no longer. Consider:

    . Fourteen states have laws that make use of marijuana legal for medical purposes, and in several of those states the bar for prescribing the drug is low.

    . Thirteen states have decriminalized marijuana possession, essentially treating it like a civil infraction, and others are considering following suit.

    . Supporters of a measure to legalize marijuana use by any adult in California say they have enough signatures to get the issue on the ballot this year, and polls indicate it likely would pass.

    . A recent Gallup Poll showed a sharp rise in the number of Americans who support legalizing marijuana -- 44 percent, up from 36 percent just five years ago.

    There is, however, an obstacle to the drive toward marijuana becoming, as one proponent put it, "just another brand of beer," and it is significant: Under federal law, marijuana use is illegal. Unless Congress reverses itself -- and the polls would have to shift enormously for that to happen -- state laws legalizing pot would have to clear court challenges, and past rulings suggest federal law would prevail.

    Enforcement, however, is another matter, and on that point the future is less clear. In October, the Obama administration announced that it would not prosecute those who prescribe or use medicinal marijuana. "We will not use our limited resources in the fight against the marijuana trade against those people who are using it consistent with state law and to fight serious illnesses, such as cancer or other diseases," said Attorney General Eric Holder.

    Resources will be no less limited in the next one or three or seven years, so even though an administration official says recreational use won't be tolerated, President Obama may face a decision about whether to give tacit approval to marijuana use by declining to crack down. That could set up an interesting showdown if the next president were to take a tougher approach, particularly if millions of people in several states already had been using the drug semi-legally for years.

    The push toward legalization is occurring without much attention being paid to the potential consequences. Many advocates use the argument that marijuana taxes would bring needed revenue to local and state governments, but they typically ignore the social costs, including increased drug dependence, greater use by minors and, because the drug impairs motor skills, more traffic deaths and injuries.

    There would be other health consequences -- marijuana smoke is more damaging to lungs than cigarette smoke, it increases the risk of heart attack and, used long-term, it can cause brain damage.

    Marijuana isn't the dangerous, mind-frying drug it once was portrayed as, nor can a compelling case be made that it is a "gateway" drug -- while it's true that nearly all who use cocaine or heroine started with marijuana, it's just as true that most who smoke pot don't graduate to those harder drugs.

    Punishment for marijuana use has properly been reduced over the years, and there can be legitimate debate about whether Texas laws are still too harsh.

    Yet the accelerating national move toward legalization is troubling. Marijuana's significant negative physical and psychological effects deserve much more attention from those who think laws should permit them to walk into a store and buy it. Smoking dope is funny when Cheech and Chong do it, but the real-life effects aren't always so comical.
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    I wouldnt be so sure about that. :p
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    Okay, I'm going to rip this section to pieces.

    A) As the number of studies progress, Marijuana smoke is proving to be less harmful than previously thought. There are no definitive studies proving marijuana smoke is as harmful or more harmful than cigarette smoke.

    B) Marijuana does not cause brain damage, there are numerous studies that have disproved the notion that it does.

    C) There are no proven negative physical or psychological effects. Deal with it.

    The writer needs to get their facts straight, and stop looking at old and obsolete research
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  4. metanoia metanoia

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    Obviously the writer has no idea how easy Mariijuana smoke is to inhale rather than cigarette smoke. I can't even inhale cigarette smoke because it hurts too bad.
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    TX: Legal smoking of marijuna possible soon

    Damn... these headlines are making ending prohibition looking more and more possible. Many people won't even read the article but the headline shows the way people are starting to think.
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    Err. Let me stop you right there.
    I have never seen any study on humans, and honestly haven't come across a compelling study on rats, that shows marijuana causes brain damage after long term use.
    The increased risk of heart attack is from the heart pumping faster. I'd imagine this is due to someone starting at the age of 15 and someone at 30, and they both smoke chronically until they were 60 years of age, the one that started at the age of 15 will still have 15 years more, so therefor exercised his heart with marijuana much more. Also, you of course are more likely to have a heart attack while high. As with any time your heart pumps faster.
    Studies have shown that marijuana has about 5 times the amount of tars in cigarettes. However, I've never seen anyone sit and smoke joints constantly for 5 hours straight, as i have with cigarettes. The average amount of marijuana consumed is much less then that of tobacco. Chemicals such as THC have been shown to actually be a anti-carcinogen. Which means they LOWER the chances of cancer, and inhibit the growth of already cancerous tumors. However, this doesn't suggest that there is the possibility of MORE carcinogens in the plant material than tobacco, but still tobacco has no anti-carcinogenic substances, while the THC in marijuana is.

    Also, i believe i read somewhere that the smoke intake is actually less harmful to the lungs than cigarette in pure physical damage from the harshness of the smoke terms, but i don't remember it well enough to actually use as proof.

    Either way, there has never been ANY viable study that proved that there are any long term effects on humans. There have been studies on rats, but never have they been a LONG-TERM study, or were they used actual smoke from marijuana.
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    If marijuana is more damaging than cigarettes...how come they cant come up with ONE SINGLE CASE of marijuana causing lung cancer or ANY type of deadly illness.
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    I don't understand why it's 100% legal to lie in a news article :confused:
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    In African American folklore, the sea crab ranks among the dumbest of creatures who also offers a valuable lesson. When you catch a bucket or a basketful, you never have to put a lid on because when one of the creatures tries to get out, the others will just pull it back in. Some of our fellow human beings aren't much smarter than that. When they see you working hard to achieve your dreams, they'll make fun of you just for trying
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    Is this for real? b.s. facts AGAIN typical media using scare tactics cant these people who write this just go sit down and watch The Union? There are NO KNOWN DEATHS CAUSED BY MARIJUANA and none of the known side effects of tobacco smoking such as brown lung or emphysema when smoking only marijuana was done in a controlled lab test and there is no brain damage when properly administered, like a few years ago when information leaked that the government tried to cover up about the monkey smoking test scandal where they suffocated monkeys with 200+ columbian strength joints per day for a number of months with a full on gas mask, well of course when you suffocate the animal there will be brain damage. It just seems propaganda and the media they leave out part of the sentence to lead people to believe something but if they completed the sentence it would make sense and be of no big deal. This ridiculous b.s. of causing long term bodily damage long after the THC has left the system is absurd, really youre only dumber while its in your system affecting you right then and there.

    Marijuana on its own is not suffocating I mean all this is so ridiculous the legalization, its just left over b.s. from the nixon days when he illegalized and placed in schedule I drugs because a majority of his opponents were liberals and a lot of liberals smoked marijuana so he figured by making marijuana illegal he would thus incriminate his opponents thats why its illegal its a left over from those days not to mention the scare tactics they tried to force on the public back in the 1930s with movies released such as Reefer Madness. The public really needs to stop being lied to about drugs either that or start educating each other about this get the facts straight im not praising marijuana to me its just something that I believe our government should not really waste their time with enforcing it.

    One of the main things that seems to really be holding marijuana legalization back is the fact there is no accurate test for testing under the influence while driving so because of that reason its almost impossible to enforce how intoxicated an individual is following the same guidelines as alcohol. For most people I know people that are stoned drive significantly better than if they were drunk I think one of the key things to worry about is whether or not the weed makes the person sleepy or not and being asleep at the wheel has always been one of the greatest driving dangers anyway I think that its personal responsibility for ones actions whether you are high or not, and blaming the weed is silly just because a few people cant handle themselves stoned doesnt mean the rest of the crowd cant, a few dumbasses ruin it for everybody.

    Really these people need to get educated on the facts im out read something on erowid.org or some other non biased source, so have a nice day use responsibly.
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    to much to read! ahhhh
    the title works i guess
  12. OldTimeToker OldTimeToker

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    I never thought texas would pull through on this! But im glad they did because maryland is a hard state to change MJ laws so theres hope!
  13. metanoia metanoia

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    The level of drug dependence is debatable,because marijuana addiction levels are lower than any of the other illicit drugs and much lower than many of the legal drugs in our society. The number of traffic incidents
    caused by marijuana also is debatable,because of the lack of aggressive behavior,caused by alcohol,is not a factor when judging the impairment problems caused by the use of marijuana and driving,paired with the fact that marijuana causes drivers to be more cautious instead of foolhardy.
    The very reason for legalization is to finally gain control of the sales of marijuana and reduce the amount of marijuana available to teenagers.
    Dealers don't check ID's.

    The most in depth study of long term marijuana use and lung function,paid for with our tax dollars,says the opposite of lung damage caused by smoking marijuana:

    And the studies that are reputed to show brain damage are all suspect because they were initiated with the intent of showing harm and were done using compounds found in marijuana and administered in quantities that may not be achievable when organic marijuana is used,in any form.

    The reason marijuana should be legalized is that our government lied about the dangers of marijuana to declare war on it's own citizens and has continued to lie about the dangers of marijuana,even now. The government has used marijuana as justification for over 1/2 of the trillion dollars our government has spent during this war
    against it's own citizens and the drug law enforcement agencies around our nation still do.

    It is time to end this insanity,and end an eternal drain on our nations resources,including the ruining of peoples lives that could have led a better
    life,if not for an arrest record for consuming a harmless plant.

    America does not have a marijuana problem,we can find marijuana in any town in America."
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    There would be other health consequences -- marijuana smoke is more damaging to lungs than cigarette smoke, it increases the risk of heart attack and, used long-term, it can cause brain damage.

    Lets think about this for a second why dont we? How stupid does this sound? The article is saying, "Marijuana is more dangerous than Cigarettes." Ok then let me say this..... Cigarettes we can buy and there is proof that it causes lung problems and can cause long term illness problems. Marijuana is ONLY legal if it is prescribed by ur doctor for an illness. And there is no proof that marijuana causes heart attacks and brian damage. I mean REALLY! If it really did that then why in the world would a DOCTOR PRESCRIBE IT! Duh!
    And for its side affect, its about same as drunk side effects from alcohol.
    Plus they allow us to buy Tobacco which is provided to us from Mother Nature herself;well Mother Nature provides us with Marijuana also, but its illegal. So not fair. :confused:
  16. HappyBoy1981 HappyBoy1981

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    Marijuana legal in Texas. (I can't stop laughing at that statement) People who have never been to Texas may think that but people who have grown up in Texas and understand Texas and Texas politics, they know better. Southern states in general will hold out till the end.
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    Obviously the author has never smoked before ;)

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