US: Kimmel Asks 'Do You Use Marijuana?'

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    US: Kimmel Asks 'Do You Use Marijuana?' (VIDEO)
    Huffingtonpost / 09,14,2011

    On Tuesday night's show, Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew out to the streets of LA to ask an important question, "Do you use marijuana?"

    He then played a game with his audience that can only be described as pothead profiling. The politically correct among us will be happy to learn that, no, you can't tell just by looking at someone.

    However, this experiment does seem to conclude that at least 75% of the time, if it looks like a pothead and talks like a pothead, it's probably a pothead.

    Link to video here
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  2. mallitia95 mallitia95

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    That black dood with the afro got paused and his eyes were fucking bugging lol.
  3. High High

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    video for USA only :(
    hooray for youtube though
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    Haha "yes"
  5. Bud Is good Bud Is good

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    Wish I would hve seen this..But I don't watch those shows..

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