USA: Smoke It Up, Marijuana May Soon Be Legal In Four U.S. States

Discussion in 'The Drug War Headline News' started by Ganjika, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Ganjika Ganjika

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    USA: Smoke It Up, Marijuana May Soon Be Legal In Four U.S. States

    smartabouthealth | 12/28/2009 |

    Boston (SmartAboutHealth) - The push to make marijuana legal continues as four U.S. states are currently pursuing the legalization of marijuana.

    The hope from these states is that marijuana will become fully regulated, as well as completely legal.

    The four states pushing to legalize marijuana include Massachusetts, California, New Hampshire, and the state of Washington.

    There are four bills currently being tossed around, one for each state, with the end result being regulation and legalization of marijuana.

    According to federal law, marijuana is an illegal substance, but that could be coming to an end if this trend continues.

    More and more states in the U.S. are throwing around the idea of trying to make marijuana legal, or at least regulating it for use in small amounts and in medical cases.

    We will know much more in regards to how this process is going once January legislative sessions begin.
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  2. DoobieBrother DoobieBrother

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    I didn't realize before that NH had a bill circulating. Man...even if we can just get 1 of those 4 to pass, then the dominoes will start falling. I wonder which state has the best chance of passing.
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  3. Spazzer Spazzer

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    I would say Massachusetts. But that could be because I know more about Mass. MJ laws and things than the other states. Last year the decriminalization of marijuana was pass through a question on voting ballots (for got the technical term for it). Which meant over 50% of the population was FOR the decriminalization of MJ. The people have spoken. California has too much controversy surrounding its medical MJ laws, I don't think it will pass. Washington and NH I don't know anything about
  4. DoobieBrother DoobieBrother

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    I've been saying that it'll happen by 2012, so I feel more confident about that now. Only time will tell.
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  5. MestUp7 MestUp7

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    Nice video...anytime we can get Ethan Nadelman on TV it's a win for us.
  6. king cola king cola

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    He did a good job getting all of that information out there in 3 minutes in that video. The more medical marijuana laws that pass and more medical marijuana stores that open up in states that allow medical marijuana the better the start for legalization. The stores and growers will be in place for legalization. Policy will change from checking prescriptions to just checking identification.
  7. dj Dozhe dj Dozhe

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    It passed with 65% of the vote. Pretty decent percentage. I would love to see it legalized and regulated, but I can't say I'm really optimistic. Prove me wrong, Massachusetts.
  8. OldTimeToker OldTimeToker

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    This is always great news to hear. If more and more people would take 10 minutes of their time to look at the truth...I dont understand how anybody could be against the idea...unless of course it ruins their business :p
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  9. Gee Gee

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    It's a shame that in this greed driven society everyone who makes money off it being illegal are going to vote NO and try and convince others to do the same.

    I love seeing these pro-legalization titles in news articles. The only downside about the whole thing that I see is the greedy fucking alcohol companies that will probably end up running the trade. They spend the last 70 years paying off politicians and using blatant lies to keep their product as the only one of it's kind in their own niche market and now they are going to profit off it. I'll be growing my own. I think I'd probably even quit smoking before my $ would go to the alcohol companies.
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  10. OldTimeToker OldTimeToker

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    ^^ And its ironic becase the major funders of partnership for a drug free america are alcohol and tobacco companies. They dont want this happening ad much as any anti pot people do!

    All it is is money and power...
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  11. klepto klepto

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    Growing pot is a hell of a lot easier than distilling whiskey. That's why herb won't ever be corporatized to the level of alcohol. If it's legal, why buy taxed and more expensive pot if I can grow herb with insane genetics in my own closet? This contributes to the reason marijuana is slow in becoming huge companies are going to profit from it therefore aren't lobbying for it's legalization. In fact, pharmacutical companies don't want it as much as anyone, and they're one of the more powerful lobbies.
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  12. bud_2005 bud_2005

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    Damn if the world is supposed to end in December 2012 then we won't be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor for very long.
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  13. 024 024

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    I just hope Australia also follows once US legalizes.
  14. TheCabDriver TheCabDriver

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    I thought the guy speaking in the video was absolutely perfect. He would answer every question in a way that would be someone on the fence about legalization be like, "Wait a minute, that is a good thing."
  15. Hick727 Hick727

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    If pot becomes legal, which i hope it does, im not gonna buy it. Im gonna grow it. Because big companies are gonna start selling pot with nicotine and chemicals in it.
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  16. OldTimeToker OldTimeToker

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    Thats the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard in my life!
    Nicotine is a chemical thats naturally on think theyd put it on pot to make it more addicting?

    With as shady as our government is it wouldnt surprise me if they added an addicting chemical the buyera didnt know about...but thatd be very illegal and I doubt it would ever happen..
  17. 5drive 5drive

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    I agree with your point, but don't agree with the way you put it, when you said "more addicting". Nicotine is extremely addictive, in a physical way. I suffered nicotine withdrawal many times, trying to quit, before I was successful. I've been without mj a lot, through the years, and never had any physical withdrawal symptoms. My body never developed a dependence on THC or cannabinoids, like it did with nicotine. Even caffeine is harder for the body to kick than cannabis.
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  18. OldTimeToker OldTimeToker

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    I agree with you bro I just didnt word it right. I used to smoke two packa a day so I knoe how hard it id to quit. MJ on the othet hand ive never really haf withdrawal symptoms and if I do theyre gone after 3 days.
  19. metanoia metanoia

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    our planted seeds in congress are growing
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  20. 1406 1406

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    In my opinion, one of the underlying causes of prohibition of marijuana is the damage it would cause to the profit of large pharmaceutical companies.

    I am also interested to see who funds these propaganda websites and advertisements. Anyone done some research?

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