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  1. bluedeadbear bluedeadbear

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    By the way, I'm sure most of you are smart enough to not do this. But I'll share anyways.

    So I use this username on the internet for various other websites. Other forums, ebay and etc.

    One day for shear interest I decided to search on google for my username. The first thing that came up was haha. This is a great place but I realized with sites that may have my name listed...that I should possibly change my username on other sites.

    So if any of you for example have a MySpace or anything similar, I would suggest using a different username for that site instead of this.

    Happy tokin'!
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  2. Guru Guru

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    I use various different usernames, you can only be so careful online these days, a simple google search can yield some things you might not be so keen to be telling the whole world, due to my rare name I have to be extra careful, any old John Smith shouldn't worry.
  3. locket locket

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    or choose a username that's a piece of jewellery, household object, fruit, vegetable, etc.
  4. Grass-Smoka Grass-Smoka

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    Or you can use the stereotypical stoner username with grammatical mistakes. For example: Grass-Smoka :p
  5. Orange Bud Orange Bud

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    I wonder how many time my name gets searched...
  6. Hour Hour

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    I don't think it really matters in my case. xD

    But this is the only site I use this username anyway.
  7. Pennywise87 Pennywise87

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    What Hour said^^^. My username's only used on here. I've a few others for my other activities online. That's it thou.
  8. 024 024

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    my username is awesome, a stoner word spelt backwards!, how stoner like :D
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  9. newcarcaviar newcarcaviar

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    024, I totally didn't even realize that until you mentioned it. :doh:

    I always just thought it was the number 24 with a 0, haha!
  10. strutinshizz strutinshizz

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    i use stupid senseless usernames that just pop in to my head xD

    but whats even weirder, try looking up you´re email xD i found out things that I had done agess ago and forgot about it, or people who have used you´re email, I found 3 people using my email pretty weird
  11. Canta Canta

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    Good thing most people don't think of my name as a name.
  12. ilovevajj2 ilovevajj2

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    You type in mine and my stuff pops up along with, Grasscity, weed forums, and rollitup. I dont go on these websites though.
  13. 29yeartoker 29yeartoker

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    I picked mine on this site and is only used on this site. I do have another account somewhere else that I just abbreviated this user name on though. Well, I take that back I also created another account somewhere else but changed it up some so it really doesn't even look the same at all if that makes any sense.

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