Waking up high in the morning from last night?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by eaglez771, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. eaglez771 eaglez771

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    Anyone ever had this happen to them? I remember one time I smoked so much from like 9-12 at night that when I woke up the next morning, I was still high! Luckily, I was sleeping over my friends house so I didnt have to encounter my parents. I gotta imagine though that waking up high in my own home must be really fuckin scary considering how paranoid I would get from being around the entire family.
  2. sterbo sterbo

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    Yea, I don't find it uncommon if I'm up late that I wake up still stoned around the edges.
    It's (for me) more prevalent when I vape...
  3. Bhikku Bhikku

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    If I stay up late smoking some really good pot (or just a lot of it) I will often wake up still burned.
  4. Isirap Isirap

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    If i fall asleep high or burning out, i usually wake up with a huge headache. I really dont know why
  5. allenlovesgreen allenlovesgreen

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    This is not uncommon at all. I remember one time eating some Cannacrackers late at night after smoking a couple bowls. Then, when I woke up, wow was I still high but I was still really tired, which sucked. Sleeping while high feels so good, I feel so comfortable. :laugh:
  6. sterbo sterbo

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    If that's the case then after you've been smoking pot for the evening, take a couple of grams of Vitamin C before you hit the sack.
    Your head will love you for it...:)
  7. Everlong2019 Everlong2019

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    hah i usually feel just kinda groggy after a big sesh, not really like stoned stoned but im kinda teetering on the edges.
  8. ohganja420 ohganja420

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    o m g sleeping while super high is probably one of the most pleasant things ever, i wake up serene and fall asleep serene. its great! :hail::sleeping:

    but yeah one time i ate a lot of brownies, with half an o in them, with my friends, i ate 5 of them, nothing happened, i was barely buzzed. so we made some firecrackers and i felt the buzz coming on but it was late so i fell asleep and when i woke up the next morning around 7 i tried to go to the bathroom, i thought i was just high, but as i was flushing the toilet it hit me and i pretty much passed out on the bathroom floor. and i had to lay down for like 2 hours, and i was still fudged up. it was so weird!
  9. anchorandbraille anchorandbraille

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    this happens to me a lot when i smoke with my one friend. she loves to pack bowl after bowl after bowl, and i wake up the next morning still stoned as fuck. it's pretty awesome. plus, the sleep i got the night before is like THE best sleep i've ever had. i always dream some amazing shit.
  10. hippie557 hippie557

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    Haha, I love smoking a few hours before bed. It puts me right to sleep and I dream the most vivid dreams its awesome. I find I'll wake up slightly buzzed in the morning if I smoked too close to falling asleep or if I vaped. It's a real head high and it sits longer in your brain maybe perhaps.
  11. negaDuck negaDuck

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    Mishi and I smoke every weeknight before we go to bed. It's tha only chance we have, really, with us both working day jobs AND trying to get a company started on tha side. Don't want to be high with shit to do, so we wait until tha kids are asleep and tha phones are off before we bake.

    Weekends it just kinda goes with tha flow. Kids outside or visiting their cousin? burn one.

    Early morning and I'm tha only one up cooking breakfast? burn one

    Rarely, though, do I wake up high or with a headache. Sometimes I'll pass on a LARGE sesh if I gotta get up at 5 tha next morning as I don't like feeling "burnt" when getting all dolled up for work....though a shower and quick toothbrushing changes that usually
  12. eaglez771 eaglez771

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    Lol I know this is a little off topic, but your response reminded me of one of my dreams: To some day be married, have a family with a few kids, and then every Sunday night when the family sits down for dinner, every person has a nicely rolled blunt right next to their plate. Then, we all have a nice peaceful toke session while eating dinner :).

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