Ways to enhance your high.

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by TheRedSock, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. TheRedSock TheRedSock

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    I'am waiting for a buddy of mine to come over to smoke with me tonight. The problem is that we don't have much weed. is ther anything we can throw in it that will help the high? I already threw some tobbacoo but anyhting else?
  2. Darque Pervert Darque Pervert

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    Tobacco will not enhnce the high for marijuana.
    It will, however, make the bud tase like tobacco. If you like tobacco, that's all well and good. Personally, I prefer the taste of the bud, thank you.
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  3. rich420 rich420

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    smoking it cig after you blaze will seem like it increases your high. but its just the effects from the cig that you feel.
  4. kbwiv kbwiv

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    smoke some sort of tobacco product, drink a caffinated beverage, take other drugs, there's lots of ways to enhance your weed high
  5. Ganjika Ganjika

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    green tea all the way... GREEn... black tea may do it to u too...ts more of ways just to relax and drift with some cool chillout tunes... anywho, happy blazin friend!
  6. Rastafari420 Rastafari420

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    Yes there is something you can add to the mix to make you higher...
    his name is Bob Marley my friend :wave:
  7. 4/20 4/20

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    If you smoke a cigarette, you will feel more dizzy...if that's what you're looking for. Although some people say it is just the effects of the tobacco, I am an "expert" smoker (for lack of a better term), and I don't get a buzz from a cigarette, so maybe the weed actually inhances the tobacco effects?
  8. Anarleaf Anarleaf

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    If your not opposed to it, hit some resin. Also, hold your hits in for a bit longer but I would not recommend it for weak lungs.....or any lungs.
  9. Criard Criard

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    try my efficiency technique I posted not too long back
  10. Plainsman1963 Plainsman1963

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    Doesn't do a thing in regards to THC absorption. :shrug:
    understanding marijuana: a new look at the scientific evidence
  11. TheRedSock TheRedSock

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    Thanks dudes.
  12. tekkenlaw tekkenlaw

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    I've heard that some of those "Legal Highs" don't work great on their own, but may add to your high.
  13. JPtheMT JPtheMT

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    I've always found that if I hold it in longer that it creates a headrush and adds to the high.
  14. Criard Criard

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    creates a headrush due to declining oxygen levels in your brain? yes. does it increase the amount of THC absorbed into your body? I used to think it might, but Plains provided very enlightening resources.
    I am becoming convinced that the easiest/heathiest/only way to increase THC absorbtion from a given amount of bud, is to simply take a few seconds breather in between hits. so that your aveoli can reopen after the closing effect the smoke has.
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  15. MrEddy MrEddy

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    One strong drink is a nice addition to weed. I don't like getting drunk when i'm smoking. But, smoking a joint and having a nice stiff drink is cool. Too much drinking and then it all goes to crap.
  16. samuraijosh samuraijosh

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  17. Linkus420 Linkus420

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    I say the best thing to make you feel nice when you only have a bowl or two is a big, sippable glass of Capt. Morgan and Coke. Idk, make it pretty strong, and its just a happy happy time. Also, first post in a loooooong ass time here lol. Happy to be back. :)
  18. Stay Negative Stay Negative

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    couldn't agree more, but honestly sometimes i like to
    get wasted to the point of throwing up (call me crazy)
  19. AstroCoaster AstroCoaster

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    Have some coffee and drink a six pack. Someone once mentioned taking a few sudafeds along with that and Yeah don't forget your ciggarettes.
  20. KittenPower420 KittenPower420

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    man, i love green tea. oolong(unsure of spelling) tea is the best.

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