Discussion in 'Cool Links' started by Dank Perception, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Dank Perception Dank Perception

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    Has anyone ever visited the site Waytoomany.com?
    How did you like it?
    I LOVE IT! For one main reason, though and that is the marijuana videos they have. they have quite a nice and large selection of a variety of marijuana related things! Two pages. I learnt how to make alot of cool thigns from their vids, watched alot of cool montages, ect... Was my first weed site I have ever visited... And I'm addicted:p

    They also have drinking videos and random videos, but I havn't ever took a look at those.

    I'm just sayin'... Pretty cool site for marijuana enthusiasts and such. Hope y'all enjoy. Ps, I have no affiliation to the Waytoomany.com site. I'm simply trying to give some more content for the smokers eyes to watch and enjoy.

  2. rich420 rich420

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    Yea, that site is pretty cool.

    Haven't been there in a while, think im gonna go check it out right now. =]

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    Yea I love that site. Firts went there when they posted up the one ounce joint. Ever since then, I watch every single video.
  4. innervision311 innervision311

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    I really like waytoomany. If it weren't for them I would have never heard of Stickfigure and I love the videos of people breaking up shit loads of weed and rolling it into some elaborate joint.
  5. Dank Perception Dank Perception

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    Fo sho, I the same!

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