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Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Arise -SWS-, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. iPoser1024 iPoser1024

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    There was a man who smoked at dawn
    high all day and layed in the lawn

    Yet he smoked again
    thought bugs were his skin

    Realizing now all his weed was gone!

    Kush and mary liked blueberry
    They smoked it all day long.
    Kush passed out without a doubt
    And mary packed her bong.

    Up kush woke, and took a toke
    As big as he could take
    With their luck, and high as fuck
    They munched on chocolate cake
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  2. Mister Panda Mister Panda

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    Smoking hydroponics until I can only mutter and speak ebonics/
    My life is filled with swisher sweets and different types of chronics/
    So, its puff puff pass, but if youre smokin my shit/
    you only get one hit, because you know how it is/
    You didn't put in on this!
  3. Equilibrium Equilibrium

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    My breeding tactics like a rabbits,
    so many girls that STDs is a habit,
    even the nurse tried to grab it,
    I don't blame her
    you would need a airplane hanger
    for all the tang that i get as a swanger
    usually wake up with a slut and a hangover

    ugh i didn't read this was for weed freestyles.sorry,

    Burn more trees than a great forest fire
    My weed smells worse than a burning tire
    gram by gram i built this empire
    any strain that your heart could desire
    Hemp birdseed, a stoned bird on a wire,
    Smoke is rising we are trying to higher,

    each level is just another to be passed
    everyday is just a glistening blade of grass
    so enjoy it while it lasts
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  4. Sm0ked-one Sm0ked-one

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    They call me Mary J
    cuz im smoking weed all day erryday
    ive got marijuana in my stash
    i hide it from my parents
    the day they find it is the day i dash
    im movin to a place where i can pay rent
    im the hash smoking dope
    bitch i smoke wit the pope
    smoke him up one by one
    by the end i know ive won
    by the look upon his eyes
    that man is up in the skies
  5. Mister Panda Mister Panda

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    I stay cheifing like an indian.
    People peepin and geekin,
    tryin to see what I brought in
    the stickiest of green tree,
    You know there's no comparision.
    Ask a friend,
    I get stoned for days
    smoke purple haze,
    I blaze
    until I spark all of mary's js
  6. Emarosa Emarosa

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    You know I come to the parties messed up
    drinking straight out of my red cup

    We be getting so high, feel like your getting hit by a train
    because you know we getting getting this THC straight into the brain.

    (sorry, not very good at freestyling. and im sober..)
  7. Kidete Kidete

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    I wake and bake bake bake
    bake yeah I had a wake and bake
    I don't wanna sip that juice
    I heard it has a sour taste
    So I text text text
    My buddies Sam, Drew and Flex
    I wanna kick their asses on PS3
    Soccer and some boxing
    NFS and some wrestling
    We pass the joint clockwise
    Steal my lighter
    That's not nice
    When the munchies set in
    I told my chef to let it fry
    And like Maino we let it fly

    Facebook: Maina Von Ndugo
  8. 20ith 20ith

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    This rap thread needs a revival, i'm back from the grave to lay waste to my rivals
    Step in front of me and instantly you would plead from mercy
    A killer, and a rap star half and half
    You shit's wack, dated back to stone age your thought process is off track.
  9. mallitia95 mallitia95

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    Shut your trap, that shit's wack
    When are you peeps just gonna sit back and take a nap
    Just lay down with a joint, isn't that the point?
  10. iPoser1024 iPoser1024

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    I'm not gonna rap
    Not particularly black
    if you think this whack
    I'd say watchya back

    new laptop not use to the keys
    thoughts be lame annoying like fleas
    so ill show you the birds and the bees
    makin ya bitch grovel and crawl on her knees

    no can't rap, but certainly rhyme
    bitch, my flows bend the fabric of time
    I can't stop, fuckin ya mind, like a midget mime
    I'm like jesus, healin the blind, mindfuck aint no crime
  11. Bobbylynn Bobbylynn

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    Yo bitch it's my turn to grab this mike I get high then go ride a fucking girls bike. I love the bud u know it's crappy if it looks brown like mud. The only reason I do the shit I do the shit I do is becuz I took some bud from u. I'm going crazy I could marry bud if it was a lady. I feel like I kite when I'm high ur shit ain't nothing like my jack the riper guy my bud beats urs no lie would u take a bullet for bud becuz u might just have to die. I showed u my stash spot every single day I rep weed like a fucking mascot is weed good for u or is it not. Its actually good u can't get no good shit in my part of the hood. Just becuz the illuminati took good rap doesn't mean that will take my favorite snack which is brownies with a little weed on the side I'm telling the truth no lie.
  12. Bobbylynn Bobbylynn

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    Not my best :/

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    batty armed bandits hit kids who couldn't stand yet, biochemical gasses inevitably invade the planet. Lift me through rock, bare dust, gold and granite. people tryna tell me that alchemy's not a skill set. well listen here romney you republican fuckin crack addict. bad habits lead to backstabbin so dag nabbit, I've fuckin had it, dash fast like a jack rabbit, out your fuckin country where safety is of the mindset, memories are lost with the ones that were purely timeless. guess I'm done now it took a minute to f**kin type this.
  14. Zoup Zoup

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    I come to you in disbelief, only to believe
    That you could overcome the master chief.
    Who packs every bowl with kief.
    Don't worry my time is almost up so here's the relief.
  15. DubAlley DubAlley

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    Wake and bake everyday
    I will never stray away
    I'm here to stay
    Cuz I fell in love with Maryjane
    Smokin on them paper planes
    Eyes are red and full of veins
    Marijuana in my brain
    I'm feelin good I can't complain
    never had a better strain
    Creepin up on me like a train
    Lucid dreamin ain't the same
    OG kush take away my pain
    Live in iriety I don't Wana change
    Ima smoke til the day im in a grave
  16. EKaneG EKaneG

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    Lost like a radio stuck on AM
    Stumbling over words and forgetting my name
    I'm wandering, pondering
    Questioning life itself
    This potent plant's bud makes you take a look at yourself
    Abstract take on the hardships you face
    Finding solutions in an outta sight place
    And as I walk and I think, I notice the haze
    Didn't even realize but this herb puts me in a daze
    That's necessary just to keep my sanity
    Because society is so damn obsessed with its vanity
    And to make matters worse, they got this harmless weed on trial
    When in reality it's the corruption within that's the problem
    But the people don't want to see it, cause nothing's easier than embracing denial
  17. stolenlogic stolenlogic

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    They say that grass is greener on the otha side, but I dont agree, we stay way too hella high
  18. iPoser1024 iPoser1024

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    Smokin on herb stepping off the curb, chokin whilst pondering something perturb
    Lights dim and vision fades, mind stuck in water as it wades
    don't give a fuck about organizations, corporations, and qualifications
    fuck the entire goddamn world and it's stupid ass patrons

    I'm tired as fuck and have a nine o clock class
    all you motha fuckas can kiss my white ass

  19. YeahI'mThatGuy YeahI'mThatGuy

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    Kiss your white ass?
    Bitch I'll slap your teeth down your throat and bury you 6 feet under the grass

    Sudden pause for dramatic effect,
    My rhymes leave you with a traumatic defect
    I'm god's number one elect
    The sight of me leaves you speechless
    Skills like this you wish you had but everything you say makes you look bad
    I spit force similar to Ironclad and you a young nutless lad.

    You gutless spaz, your raps will always remain a fad
    My shit gets greatest hits and lives longer then your grandchildren's dad
  20. YeahI'mThatGuy YeahI'mThatGuy

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    I'm certain i'm not guido but damn this is something.
    I lost my wristwatch last night while I was fistpumping.
    This one will always stump me
    Not a single dose of Italian but I'm still the prize winning stallion.
    I'm white and some would call me extra thin
    but one wrong move I'll have you iced and we call the story fin.

    Maybe one of you could help me finish this rhyme
    Pick up where I left off on my very last line.
    Don't make me beg for a reply
    because I'll triple post without an ounce of shame, Yeah I'm That Guy.

    All I'm asking is for you to play along,
    If you must, I'll allow you to bust
    A little and rip the bong.
    Sit your ass down and start typing.
    Start with your name then move on to the hyping
    I don't give a shit if you serve me a plate'o diss just expect me to return the dish
    I'll leave you dismembered and dump you to swim with the fish.

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