Weed in Freezer good or bad?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by BuddyKaya, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. BuddyKaya BuddyKaya

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    Is it worth putting ur weed in the freezer or maybe the fridge? It might lock in the moisture i don't know my weed never lasts long enough for me to make any conclusion. Some of my hooks up keep their stash in the fridge. I know the cold is very damaging to plant leafs so this might be a stupid idea what do u guys think?

    I keep my bong in the freezer sometimes. Thats deff worth it, like a frozen glass for beer
  2. ZephyrEire ZephyrEire

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    I've heard putting it in a sealed mason jar (or other airtight container) in the freezer will help it keep for a very long time. Never tried it myself
  3. Stoned_Stoner Stoned_Stoner

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    I read on here a lot opf people do it. I've never tried it but my friends put cigs in the freezer all the time to keep from going stale.
  4. vern vern

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    I could be wrong here but when you freeze your buds the trichomes (crystals) become very fragile and fall of your bud very easily. Just using a mason jar is the best IMO, keep it in a dark cool place (not frozen).
  5. tehbagel tehbagel

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  6. krad krad

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    Yeah, there already has been a lot of discussions on this topic
  7. BuddyKaya BuddyKaya

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    My bad i did search but i'm lousy at it

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