weed in olive oil?

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    has anyone ever heard of (this is a rough explanation) putting weed in the bottom of a bottle of olive oil for an extended period of time, removing the weed, and being able to get high from cigarettes dipped in this olive oil?

    is this a myth?

    i have heard of it, but i haven't been able to find anything on the internet about it.
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    The THC in marijuana can be extracted by olive oil, other oils, butter and any other substance high in fat. It is preferred that the substance is thin in viscosity, so leftover particles can be filtered out. Most people use the oil/butter for cooking, smoking it I've never heard of. There is a whole section devoted to cooking with cannabis here.

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    thanks, but i live in my parents house, so cooking is out. i am interested in the smoking because it would be immeasurably convenient to be able to carry a pack of cigarettes dipped in this marijuanified olive oil and smoke them anywhere cigarettes are allowed.
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    Do you really want to be smoking partially-burned olive oil? Yuch!

    I'd say this is a myth - at least no one else here has ever mentioned it before and I'd say we'd heard everything. I'd be concerned about fire. How would an oil-soaked cigarette be different from the wick of an oil lamp?

    If you decide to try it, please be sure to let us know how it turns out.

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    i believe the idea is to soak the cigarettes in the olive oil, and then let them dry beforeyou smoke them, but if/when i do try this, i will be sure to let you know.
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    Interesting, I've heard of people dipping joints in other solvents, (both off-topic and marijuana solvents) to get more stoned, but never actual ciggarettes. I don't smoke butts so, I guess I can't really help ;)
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    I don't think olive oil dries out. It doesn't have anything volatile in it. If you put a bowl of olive oil on your kitchen counter for a week, the oil will still be there.
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    As far as being able to dip a cig in an oil and smoke it I have a story that relates to that, sort of a similar thickness.

    I didn't have any herbs, but I had about 3 oz. of stems stashed away, made some hash using some very low grade isopropyl (sp, sorry) alcohol so the quality wasn't the best. Any how, in the pan I was left with pretty much a hash oil until about 6 hours when it totally dried I was able to collect it into a ball.

    For the first 6 hours when it was oily I rolled my cigs in it and they burnt fine, def. got a nice buzz off of it. I dunno about dipping it in there, it may get to wet, but pouring it onto a plate and doing a quick roll should be fine.

    As far as it actually getting you high from letting the buds sit in the olive oil.. not sure.
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    I say that you should make the oil (let it sit there for a long time so that all the THC is absorbed), and then try it out with one cig. If you don't get high, or the smoke is unbearably harsh/gross, then just ingest the rest of the oil on top of some bread.

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