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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by eyshord, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. eyshord eyshord

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    So I've been smoking for like 2 years and every once in a while I get SUPER dizzy and have to sit down. Its happened to me recently more than it used to and its getting annoying.

    Its the same feeling as after you've been sitting on a couch for a long time and get up and get "head rush" if you've ever had that feeling before. And i HAVE to sit down otherwise I'll fall over. :confused: Does anybody else get that effect sometimes?

    Or know why it happens? Does it hafta do with being hydrated or like I need vitamins or something haha I have nooo idea.

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  2. Dark Dark

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    Yes, its more common than you think, and you CAN pass out if you're not careful.

    The idea is the same as, like you said, standing up quickly. A drop in blood pressure. The effect is increased with use of marijuana.
    If you feel lightheaded, sit or lay down. As long as your careful, you shouldn't have much to worry about. Even if you do pass out you should wake up soon, you just don't want to be standing and hit your head(trust's not fun)
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  3. eyshord eyshord

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    Didn't know I could add to a previous post sorryy.

    Haha yeah I fell over a couple days ago but didn't pass out. Thats kind of what i was thinking... I guess I'll just sit around for a little while after smoking from now on. Thanks Dark
  4. o_t00high_o o_t00high_o

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    Yeah Dark pretty much nailed it. It happens to me sometimes, but only when I stand up to quickly. my friend gets light headed quite often and feels like he his going to pass out sometimes without doing anything to cause it. But he has a small anxiety problem, so that may have something to do with it.

    Side note: To me it sometimes feels cool to be super high and stand up too quickly, if I can control it it can be a cool 10"super high".
  5. toothfairy420 toothfairy420

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    Being low in iron (or anemic) could make it way to tell if you are iron deficient (without a test) is to pay attention to how you feel in the shower, if showering makes you feel dizzy, then you are probably deficient.
  6. sterbo sterbo

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    Happens to me all the time.
    Of course it's probably from all the years surfing and sailing, inadvertantly swallowing all that salt water.
    Well, at least that's what 'FakeBoobsRule' says...:laugh:
  7. Dank Perception Dank Perception

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    that feeling happens to me when I consume too much than I need.
  8. Everlong2019 Everlong2019

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    yah man i mean if your startin to not feel good just lie down, chill, pretend your taking a nap maybe? i mean you dont need to be standing to enjoy your high...ive got this cool poster above my bed and sometimes just gettin high and lookin at it is awesome
  9. gratefulvideofan gratefulvideofan

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    I passed out once after smoking on an empty stomach. I awoke in a pool of blood and needed a few stitches. Now I am more careful and try to eat before i smoke and not jump up to quick out of my seat. I just lay/sit down immediately if I feel at all lightheaded now. Like in mid walk I will stop and lay down. I think it is low blood sugar and smoking but not sure. The Dr.'s never found anything wrong with me physically.

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