What did you name your bong?

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by GanjaGirl420, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. grandmaster hash grandmaster hash

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    I have an 8" bong its fluorescent Orange so I just call it Orange, it was wicked code too, used to ask my friends if they wanted an Orange when the parents were around!
  2. trees924 trees924

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    Name it the hulk!
  3. new2twistinup new2twistinup

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    If I had a bong I would name it bongzilla
  4. alefinwade alefinwade

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    What did you name your bong

    Name your favorite veggie and how do you like it cooked or maybe not cooked. Mine would have to be potatoes. I can eat them just about any manageable way to cook them. YUMMEEEEEEE
  5. gamereric22 gamereric22

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    After having this bong for a bit more than a week, i have realized that the perfect name for this bong is Frankenstein. That becasue the keck clips remind me of the bolts on Frankenstein's neck.
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  6. CasSteal CasSteal

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    ^^^what the what??!!? That thang is beautiful
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  7. THC Is King THC Is King

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    I do agree. If had heard of HOSS before I got my piece, then I probably would have went for one.

    How much did that thing cost?
  8. gamereric22 gamereric22

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    Hoss is a Canadian company, so if you dont live in Canada its gonna be pretty hard to find Hoss products. The base was $165, 8 Arm perc was $90, and the top tube was $65 so that equaled to $320.
  9. 20ith 20ith

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    I recently bought a VOLCANO bong, im sure some of you have heard them.. poorly and cheaply made, but I got it for 60 dollars with two others for free.

    I never got to name it cause the damn thing broke shortly after I bought it. It fell only about an inch from the ground and the bowl and area of the bong that the bowl slides into shattered. Piece of shit.

    However, I did keep one of the two others I got, they are nothing fancy and are quite disposable (I couldn't be bothered if it were to break or go missing) but I call it the Traveller because its the one I take to parties and elsewhere.

  10. JakeTokes JakeTokes

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    I have an Agung ice slider (only good bong they have I think), named it Mario, just because the red at the top of my bong reminds me of Marios (obviously from Super Mario Bro's) hat. :)
  11. Emarosa Emarosa

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    My new bong, had it a couple days. Also my first bong. Hits sooo smooth. No name for it yet though. any suggestions?

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  12. The Key The Key

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    The name will come to you, it has to be earned.
  13. heliskier heliskier

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    how about the hulk?
  14. XplodingDuck XplodingDuck

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    I named mine "The Whispering Eye". If you've seen Role Models, you know what I mean ;) The base is clear-pink, and the smoke chamber is clear. Maybe a pic soon!
  15. deliadestruction deliadestruction

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    I've three bongs. One's about 6 inches and it's a deep forest green with some brown streaks. Its name is Treebeard.
    One's pink and came with a gas mask. It's name is BYOB- as in BRING YOUR OWN BONG, because I don't share something that wraps around my face. Grosses me out to think of hair and stuff stuck in there from other people but I digress.
    And my newest one is just over a foot tall, it's shiny, with white and black stripes and a translucent look to the whole thing. It's almost kind of got a pearly shine to it. I haven't named it yet. Just got it last week.
  16. GreenForAll GreenForAll

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    Named mine Anubis (Egyptian god of death).

    My girlfriend was the first to hit it and she turned pale as a ghost and looked like she was going to die for a minute....thus the name!
  17. stoney_408 stoney_408

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    i love mine but its a real herb eater its called blue bird i would post a picture but dont know how its 2 feet tall looks like a sky blue marble bong
  18. Adelaideyouth Adelaideyouth

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    I called mine Stan, I can't really remember why I was stoned at the time, maybe after southpark or something??? The point is moot though, Big Stan was broken, i have no money cause I'm studying full time and now i have to make do with my pipe. The pipe is called Punchy :3
  19. Jeremy0728 Jeremy0728

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    I named my sherlock bubbler Senor Smokey pants...Don't ask and i named my spoon pipe Donatello cause it has a lot of purple swirls and my bong is named jimmy.

    "I think people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is an herb and a flower. God put it here. If He put it here and He wants it to grow, what gives the government the right to say that God is wrong?" - Willie Nelson
    From Eldon...hope you dont mind but i really like that quote! =] :gleaf2:
  20. Adelaideyouth Adelaideyouth

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    Bought a new bong!!! It's got cannabis leaves on it that are kinda rasta coloured so i named it "Bong Marley".

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