What is the best home made bong design you have?

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by chr0nik, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. chr0nik chr0nik

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    i am trying to make a bong that rips hella hard so does anyone here have one that gets you high as fuck and rips hard as hell
  2. darkkush912 darkkush912

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    I'm no expert in bongs but I just made a bong outta a water bottle and it works really good. Theres tons of videos on youtube about it.
    But, heres how I did it:

    Light the end of a knife to make it soft and make a hole about 4 inches from the bottom. Gut a BIC pen and put it in the hole. If you need to tape it up. Then I took the cap of a sharpie and stuck it on the end of the cap. If you need to make it snug wrap tape around the end of the pen as many times as you need to. Fill it with water and you got a good bong!

  3. AcousticSchooler AcousticSchooler

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    I just made a bong out of a Sobe bottle and a homeade bowl/ slider haha.


    That's my first piece and I'm pretty proud of it but I can do better :). This things hits like MAD! sooo smooth though, my favorite homemade that I've ever smoked out of by far. I've heard of plenty crazy ideas though, you can find a whole bunch of cool looking pieces just by looking through the forums here. Good luck and happy smoking :afro:
  4. chr0nik chr0nik

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    sliders are sick
  5. BobTheBongBuilder BobTheBongBuilder

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    I couldnt take a picture so i made this. it comply rips and its held together by hot glue
  6. XplodingDuck XplodingDuck

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    Waterfall bong my friend. It might have been my low tolerance, but I was ripped after 3 hits. Plus I would only use like .1g per hit. Look it up on YouTube. My best results came with 32oz powerade bottles and 1 litre soda bottles.

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