What Religion Are You?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by SkatingandWeedALLDAY, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. stolenlogic stolenlogic

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    religion plays no part in my life what so ever. So I guess I am not a religion. I just don't care about it
  2. devinpetroff devinpetroff

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    Magician & Thelemite
  3. rodadams rodadams

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    JAH RAS TAFARI! Ras Tafari is the true returned christ, earth's rightful ruler. he is the Narayan, the jncarnation of Vishnu. religious division is a lie! i follow the Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism!
  4. Alpha911 Alpha911

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    I'm Christian, I smoke because it's God's gift.
  5. Keith Keith

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    I'm agnostic, I smoke because it's good.
  6. Justsumguy Justsumguy

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    Jack Mormon?
  7. ItDoesntFckinMatter ItDoesntFckinMatter

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    I do believe in a higher power. However, do I choose to believe in a higher power that allows His/Her children to suffer eternally? I definitely lean towards NO for this question. In my mind essentially (because my opinion really doesn't fuckin' matter) everything was constructed out of LOVE and therefore when one kills-over, they cannot suffer eternally. I'm still pondering this possibility, though.

    But, in reality, there is no good. There is no bad. One may perceive an occurrence to be particularly negative or positive, but, that's an illusion for it does not coincide with reality in an objective sense.

    Say I get punched in the face. In reality (an objective sense), it doesn't fuckin' matter if I got punched in the face--reality deems my pain to be neutral. And this is subsequently how I perceive the world: NEUTRAL. I don't care about much; I don't like/dislike anything; etc., because it just doesn't fuckin' matter. Really. We are all very insignificant. If you think about it objectively.
  8. Australianpothead Australianpothead

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    I don't believe in god so am i going to hell:burnup:
  9. Enso77 Enso77

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    No religion, but I believe in Evolution and Natural Selection.
  10. iPoser1024 iPoser1024

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    You will be in good company! :)
  11. Decaf Bread Decaf Bread

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    I don't believe there's any one religion that has it all right. But I wouldn't identify as atheist, or agnostic. I certainly believe there is a higher being/power out there with designs for us, and I'm sure one day science will prove it.

    Religion's aren't wrong - none of them, I don't think. I believe all religions worship the same higher power without knowing it.
  12. SteveH90 SteveH90

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    I believe religion is a man mades view on "God" and the rules we should follow. I also believe it was an ignorant man who thought his view was the only view. In my opinion (nothing more), I believe in a high power of some sort "God" even, but not a man. I don't know what form "it" takes. Something we're not suppose to know. Life is based around karma and a divine law of such. Again, just my opinion not stating facts as I do not have none.
  13. Lightingmcgee Lightingmcgee

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    Hm i am on the fence right now. But i am a pegan i believe in the greek gods.

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