What strain of Marijuana is the highest in CBD ?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by AstroCoaster, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. AstroCoaster AstroCoaster

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    I like Sativas, but I was wondering about Indicas and or which strain of Indicas have the most CBD content with a lower THC content. So, What strain or strains of Marijuana are the highest in CBD and which specific strain is the highest in CBD content out of all of them ?

    I looked through project CBD and other related topics on the net, but I couldn't get any kind of "Simple list" which is what I'm looking for. Please include THC/CBD average for the Marijuana strain, or in the list of Marijuana strains, Highest in CBD.
  2. Emarosa Emarosa

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    I hear that Grape Ape has a really good CBD, but I don't really know any others.
  3. AstroCoaster AstroCoaster

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    Grape Ape is a Indica Dominant Hybrid strain from the Purple Indica Variety. It's high in CBD, but it still has more THC than CBD. I'm wondering about plants that have more CBD than THC or have an almost equal amount.
  4. Equilibrium Equilibrium

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    I've heard Alaskan thunderfuck has a ratio of around 1:1 THC/CBD.
    I'm pretty sure that is the clone only version though, it would be quite hard to find a legit clone in most places. if not impossible.

    I heard there was a gov. program that was genetically engineering a marijuana strain with no THC, but really high levels of CBD. You can always wait for that.
  5. WhiteRooster WhiteRooster

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    Saw some Harlequin at the club with 6% CBD

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