What to do when no money?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by xXx420babyxXx, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. xXx420babyxXx xXx420babyxXx

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    I heard when people are out of money, alot of people that sell bud will trade stuff for it... what kinda stuff have you guys ever traded for weed? Or what else have you done when you ran out of money to get weed?
  2. gogreen420 gogreen420

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    Remember that you have to normally trade stuff that is of equal value, the most common thing I have seen traded is used drug paraphernalia...which sounds most undesirable to me. When I am out of money I just wait until I have more before I buy more weed...we all need a break once in a while anyway right? ;)
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  3. Phenom Phenom

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  4. £.RichBrew420 £.RichBrew420

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  5. ARi420 ARi420

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    im really tight with my guy so if i dont have any money hell front it to me for a couple days
  6. Buzzby Buzzby

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    1) Made some money.


    2) Done without.
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  7. hazanko hazanko

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    the only thing ive traded nug for was a bottle of a hard off topic drink.

    but, seriously, dont trade for weed, all of us can go for a little break here and there...... if you find yourself constantly thinking about weed and being high, then you shouldnt smoke pot. period.

    however, you could try scraping resin out of a glass piece....there are tons of threads that will tell you how, so use the search feature, cause im stoned, and dont wanna go digging
  8. BakerForLife BakerForLife

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    Change. Seriously the easiest way to get money. Rack up a hefty load of change, and take it to Coinstar or the bank. Last time I came out with $50.30 in my pocket. Feels good man.
  9. besthobby420 besthobby420

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    Sell drugz
  10. Smokey McBongwater Smokey McBongwater

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    2 words. Backalley blowjob.
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  11. Brad420 Brad420

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    Old games, Old CD's, Old DVD's and Cassettes, Everything is worth something at the pawn shop, Might not get much, But allot of change adds up

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