What to do with the leaves???

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by SoullessSamantha, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. SoullessSamantha SoullessSamantha

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    I see I need to change my working. haha

    I have a bunch of leaves from my plants.
    What can I do with them? What are they good for.
    Cooking, baking with? Tinitures? Capsules?
    And how do I know what the effects will be when I do something with them??
  2. Bud Is good Bud Is good

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    Most people make weed butter with them, it's very simple and works really well..You can pretty much use the butter in anything you bake..Use on toast for ramen noodles, garlic bread, grilled cheese..It takes about half hour to an hour to feel the effects but gives you a longer more chilled out high..And will also last 2 to 6 hours depending on person and how much you eat.
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  3. Brad420 Brad420

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    You could make hash with them if you have allot.
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  4. 1956 1956

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    Since this sounds like left over/non priority material, dry them and soak them in some alcohol
    (2oz leaves per oz alcohol) for a month or more. Strain out the leaves, then let the tincture sit in an open container, in a dark place until 2/3 of the liquid evaporates. I use a measuring cup with a paper towel held across the top by a rubber band (to keep out bugs and dirt) and put it on the back of a shelf in my garage. The measuring cup also makes it easier to tell how much liquid has evaporated.

    Try a 1/4 of a teaspoon the first time. Then raise or lower your dose accordingly.
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  5. kaykayLovesHerMnDank kaykayLovesHerMnDank

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    damnnnnn u shudd bake me some browiniess lol
    this one time i made a pizza and got my grinder and pured keef all over it
    my dad tasted it he got so mad jaja
  6. nlskunk1 nlskunk1

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    As far as the leaf use goes, once the plant has been harvested can u use all of the leaves? Fan leaves too? or mostly the smaller ones close to the bud and the trimmings from the bud? Do the fan leaves even contain any thc?

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